Minnesota Day After Wedding Adventure Session

Tayler and Adam Day After Session

Did you think you were done with seeing Tayler and Adam in the blog? Wellll… Not just yet.  As their third appearance ever, and I haven’t even blogged their winter engagement session yet… Here we are the Monday after their wedding. Tayler put her dress back on and Adam a suit he had in his closet, and we went on a hike on the Wisconsin side of the St Croix River.  

Seriously,  my dad has lived by this hike my whole life, but this was my first time doing it (and photographing it!!) and will definitely not be my last.  It felt like we left the midwest and were suddenly transported to somewhere with mountains and huge rocks and gorgeous views!  But here we were on the border of good old Wisconsin and Minnesota.. Huge thank you to Tayler and Adam who were so down to do this session and were just amazing in front of the camera as always!! 

What is a Day After Session?  

Basically, a Day After session is when you get back into your wedding gown and suit and own the town once more.  These sessions create epic photos because we can shoot at the perfect time of day (helllloooo sunrise and golden hour!!) and not be rushed to get you back to your venue for your ceremony/reception.  You are already married and have had at least a day together for that to soak in; so no nerves!  Plus, we have already spent a whole day getting to know each other, so you already know how awkward and fun and, ok I admit it, cheesy, I sometimes am.

This session is perfect if your day gets too stormy and you still want photos of the two of you in your wedding clothes in the city, OR, if you want to spend the day and hike a mountain to get the perfect shot after your wedding.  And YES! If your dream is to climb a mountain in your wedding dress I am MORE than happy to meet you in Utah/Colorado, wherever,  to help you document it! 

Day After sessions are also perfect if you want to live out your wedding day uninterrupted!  I get it that your wedding day might be the only day that you are ever going to see all your friends and family together in one room. If you want to spend your wedding day hanging out with all of your loved ones, no worries!!  We can totally work with that. Being a wedding photographer, I am more than happy to capture your candid wedding day, and not spend much time on posed photos of the two of you.  Remember, your day is a celebration of your love, and I am there to help document the celebration. Which brings me back to our topic: Day After sessions (which can also be a week after sessions or anniversary sessions) can be perfect if you want the beautiful photos, but really want to spend your day with your family.  Remember though, that Day After sessions really only work with you and your partner, not with the whole bridal party.  After your wedding day a lot of your bridal party might be heading out of town, etc.  So plan on the Day After session to be just of the two of you.

Another way to look at a Day After session is to use it to document the two of you a day or two after your wedding, just being yourselves. You aren’t in your wedding clothes, but are maybe still in the city, at your hotel, or even just in your apartment.  These are your first few days as a married couple, and capturing and documenting these memories can be so special and intimate, and help you remember them for years to come.

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