Montrose Harbor Chicago Proposal

Taylor and Carly Chicago Proposal

Ahhh my first proposal of the summer!  Always nerve-racking after a little time away, but this was such a fun one!  From our very first conversation, Taylor had the whole proposal planned out!  From the location where they used to stop to admire the Chicago skyline on their runs, to secretly inviting their families to watch the proposal from across the pier, right down to planning a huge, fabulous party afterwards to celebrate with all their closest friends and family! 

You never know what is going to happen with a surprise proposal, so I naturally got to the location maybe… 40 minutes early… Because what if they get there early?  Taylor sure couldn’t be texting me the whole time!  So here I am! Waiting on the end of the pier with all these fishermen.  Wow, I wish I would have taken a photo to show you them, but let it suffice to say that they were all characters!!  I told them what was going on, and why I was randomly hanging out with my camera and they all played along and politely moved out of the way to make the perfect spot for Taylor to propose.

It all happened so quickly! Taylor and Carly strolled up, hand in hand, and then walked out to the rocks, where Taylor got down on one knee!  Carly, of course, was so happy and surprised and said “YES!” right away!  Their families started cheering from across the way and after a few minutes of private celebration and photos, we started walking to go and meet them.

The family was so excited and there was a flurry of hugging and perhaps even a few tears shed.  We took a couple of photos of all the different family groupings and then it was off to the SECOND surprise (Carly still had no idea)— the huge party waiting for them at Bar Cocina (btw if you haven’t been there,  the food is SOOO good)!  

I sprinted to my car and rushed to Bar Cocina so I could be there in time to capture her reaction, and wow!  Am I glad I did!  Carly was so shocked and beyond excited!  So many props to Taylor for pulling this all off and surprising her not just once, but TWICE in one day!  The newly engaged couple and all their friends and family had a blast celebrating and  enjoying  themselves with great margaritas and tacos.  It was truly such an awesome and heartfelt party.  Congrats Taylor and Carly, it was SO much fun photographing your Chicago proposal story!

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