Katarina and Carlo | Morton Arboretum Engagement Session

I was so excited to shoot Carlo and Kat’s engagement session for two reasons.  Firstly, Morton Arboretum is one of my favorite spots to shoot at (also I just got a membership so photo permits are half price *wink wink*) and I knew Kat from back in my retail days.  We spent way too many days working at Zara together in college!

We spent hours roaming around Morton Arboretum.  I showed them all my favorite spots. We even made friends with an old man who was nice enough to lend us his bug spray (there may or may not  be a few mosquito bites edited out of this session)!

Katarina and Carlo both had super beautiful and unique rings, and when I asked them about them they explained their story.  They even sent me an email explaining their proposal story in their own words so I could use it in my blog, so romantic!!

So the story behind the ring is cute and perfect for us. Carlo was already confused when we have talked before about what he would get me because I'm personally not someone to brag about extravagant jewelry or diamonds at all. Before he proposed, he waited for San Holo to play "I Still See Your Face" while everyone oh-so-casually pulled our their phones. He handed me a coupon he kept from a coupon book I made him for our first Christmas and said I'd like to redeem this now." The coupon was a “Free Wish Pass”. On the blank line he wrote: “To spend the universe in your heart”. After, he knelt down and gave me one band with an engraving of tree vines and leaves. The other band has the same with a moonstone on it. He said:

“The first band represents growth and the engagement to our physical bodies together. And the second is the engagement to each other’s souls”

I also got him a turquoise band since I believe in the spiritual partnership between the both of us should be reciprocated.

I gave him turquoise because it represents the symbol of eternal friendship and brings peace and good fortune to those who wear it and gave him back the promise he showed me.

....We're both cheese balls <3

- Kat

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