Mary and Nick | North Ave Beach Mini Session

Hey all!  So here it is, my very first blog post ever!  I can’t believe I have been doing wedding photography for years now and literally am just learning how to set up a blog, style a blog, and of course, post a blog.  Along with that is the whole SEO behind the blog thing which to be honest is a completely mystery to me! So I’m just using the method of trial-and-error for these first few blog posts (which, by the way, I have already started to organize. So I don’t just leave this blog with one post!)

All of these years I have really been focusing on the craft of photography, and not on the business and behind-the-scenes nuts and bolts, like website stuff. Apparently though, that is changing right now, as I type this sentence.  What I’m hoping to achieve is to connect with more clients who are a perfect match and who really fit with my style and my personality in general. So here it goes! Really looking forward to meeting all you new, friendly, (and some of you probably freshly engaged and excited) faces!

Meet Mary and Nick!  They recently moved to Chicago for work & school and wanted to send out some holiday cards as an announcement to the whole family that they’d  moved. They thought it was a great chance to get some cool photos in their new city as well! Since they really only needed a few photos for these cards and because I was knee-deep in wedding edits, we agreed on one of my mini-sessions (30 min photo session that I offer during the fall season, just in time for holiday cards!)  Of course, I was more than happy when they asked about including their pup Harvey, who, as you can see, is basically a dog model now! They happened to choose my favorite (as of this moment) location to the city to shoot at, and was it a beautiful day!! October 30th, 2018 provided perfect sweater weather after a week of straight rain.  What can I say, sometimes you just get lucky!!

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