Wedding Photographer in Chicago, Minnesota, and worldwide.
Authentic Wedding photography that tells your story, not just for the adventurers, but also the calm and reserved, the travelers, the dreamers, the wild, but most of all the totally in love couple ready to enjoy the moment.

Hey I’m Hanna!

What’s up?  I’m Hanna! A full time wedding photographer based in Chicago, IL and the Twin Cities, and ready to come to wherever your love takes you.  I’m here for you— not only for the family formals and posed photos together, but capturing the moments when you pop champagne with your people in the morning and scream to your favorite song lyrics in the trolley on the way to the venue.  I’m the friend you always needed on your wedding day; there to help you plan your schedule, tell you when you have everything bagel seasoning stuck in your teeth and simply reminding you to breathe and take the whole day in.

When I don’t have a camera swinging from my hips, I love binge watching Netflix, drinking on patios and jumping into any lake that is swimmable (probably the Minnesotan in me).  I'm always down for a road trip, dark chocolate, and dancing at any time of day. I’m in love with my cat Charlie (pictured here), who is honestly, literally perfect.


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“We were together. I forget the rest.”

- Walt Whitman

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