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A little about ME!

Hiiiii!  First off, nobody says my last name right, so don’t you worry.  Call me whatever you think it says (or just call me Hanna), I will also reply to Walka Floca (its kinda similar right?!) and Ham (literally can’t explain that one, but it has been my nickname since I was 10!).

I absolutely love polaroids, riding my bike with no hands, ordering too much Thai on Uber Eats, and every single one of my 25+ plant babies.  I can fall asleep in any kind of moving vehicle (one of my hidden talents). I collect silver rings and stuff as many on my fingers as possible everyday.

As a kid I was into horseback riding, gymnastics, theater, and of course photography.  Basically ALL the things. I never sat still and would rather cartwheel than walk on two feet.  To this day, although I can’t do cartwheels down the street anymore, I hate sitting still and strive to fill my life up to the brim with everything I love!  

Growing up with a darkroom in my house, I knew I wanted to be a photographer from a younger age than most.  Right at 18 I headed to Chicago where I got my Bachelors degree in photography at Columbia College Chicago. Only a few months into Columbia I shot my first wedding and here we are today!  Still documenting all the different kinds of love in this world and having a blast! I absolutely love getting to know my couples, their friends and family, and am honored to forever record the love between them.  I’m here to capture both the craziness and the quiet that come with being in love, planning a wedding, and just living your life together. I want to photograph the joy of everyone there to celebrate your day and all the little details that make it your own personal story.