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Let’s Talk for Real

I treat my wedding clients as friends, so grabbing brunch and DMing about the new shoes you just bought can totally happen.  Hiring a wedding photographer is such a crazy experience, so let me answer all your questions! I want you to know I’ve got your back!  My relationship with you isn’t just a “business lady there to shoot your wedding and get her check”, but to invest emotionally and creatively in your wedding day and love story and the quirks that make you fall in love with each other everyday! I’m going to laugh out loud at the jokes in the ceremony and hide the tears behind my camera when your maid of honor and dad gives their speeches (I always swore I wasn’t a sap until weddings).   I will 100% make you get on the dance floor and groove with your love, your mom, and all your friends before I leave, because those photos are magic.  I’m your eyes, your ears and your shoulder to lean on when you need it, all so you can just keep on enjoying yourself.