Photographing Love


As a photographer, I am always thinking on my feet and am full of ideas.  I encourage lots of hugs and smooches, laughing about being awkward (aren’t we all?), and breaking out your killer dance moves.  I love big smiles and your hair in the wind. I am inspired by real people with true-life love stories.


Hey It’s Hanna!

Hiii!!  First off, nobody says my last name right, so don’t you worry!  Call me whatever you think it says, I’ll also reply to Walka Floca (its kinda similar right?!).

I grew up with a darkroom in my house and a camera around my neck.  Even though I never thought about being a professional photographer as I was growing up, when I was applying to colleges and figuring out what to do, it all fell into place.  Heading to Columbia College Chicago to study photography was probably the best thing I ever did for myself! Now here we are years later and I am still in love with documenting the world around me and having the honor of capturing so many amazing couples and wedding days!

I’m here to document your love in any form!  I’m not a super traditional or formal photographer.  You are real and so is your love and those are the feelings I am going to capture!  I want to show the two of you as an unscripted couple— both the craziness and quiet that come with being in love, planning a wedding, and living your life together.  I’m here to document the joy- not just yours as a couple but the joy of your friends and family as well, along with all the little details of your day that make it your own, personal story.




Q & A


Do you travel?


Yes!! I love traveling and photographing destination weddings! Of course every destination wedding is different based on location and expenses. I do my own airfare/hotel bookings.


How many images will we receive?


The number of images you receive always depends on each individual couple, the day’s schedule, your personal preference, and time available. I deliver between 75-100 images per hour.


How do we get our wedding photos?


The photographs will be available in a private online gallery ready for high resolution download for one year after you receive your edits!