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20 Dreamy Los Angeles Photoshoot Locations

Filmy Elopement on a Rainy Day | Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

Ready to take engagement or elopement pictures in Los Angeles, California? I’ve got a location guide for you, plus some fantastic rainy-day filmy photo inspiration for you. Read on for the best photoshoot locations in Los Angeles.

Riya and Aaron contacted me to shoot their romantic elopement. They loved how I could make photos appear like I was using film rather than all digital photos in my portfolio, which has become a signature style for me since I love to use film now and then when shooting. (Don’t worry if that’s not your thing; I shoot a mix of digital and film photos to give my couples a wide variety of options.) I’m so happy I was using both on the day of their photoshoot because we got caught in a rainstorm (with zero chance of rain) and needed to switch to digital-only for a while. My film cameras can only handle so much rain!

Riya and Aaron eloped earlier in the day and wanted to document the day as they headed out for the night. I’m thrilled we were able to make that happen. We picked an Old Hollywood-style location and a gorgeous outdoor location for two completely different vibes. Ultimately, the two locations worked so well together—beautifully complementary! If you are interested in editorial-style images after you elope in LA or Pasadena, I have listed several fabulous options below. (Luckily, most of these locations keep you from getting caught in the rain!)

Dreamy Photoshoot Locations to Take Pictures in Los Angeles

Lavender Marketplace

This stunning Los Angeles location is known as a top wedding and events venue. Enjoy strolling through the European Conservatory, Potager Garden, and vast outdoor space as you capture your elopement photos. 

Walt Disney Concert Hall

This location is an architect’s dream! For a fresh and modern backdrop, visit this auditorium featuring unique designs inside and out. 

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

Just southwest of downtown Los Angeles is a 500-foot peak with breathtaking city views. This location is perfect for the couple interested in a nature photoshoot. 

Rodeo Drive

Everyone has heard of the iconic Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles. With so many luxury name-brand stores and exquisite architecture, you will find numerous backdrops for your photoshoot. 

Arts District

While the Arts District is full of industrial factories, they have all been refinished and turned into stunning boutiques, coffee shops, and restaurants. Couples looking for a refined, industrial vibe will love this area. 

Pasadena City Hall

Most city hall buildings are nothing special to look at, but Pasadena City Hall is jaw-dropping gorgeous! The archways, columns, towers, and fountains are just a few of the stunning architectural pieces of this magnificent building. You will feel like you’ve traveled to the early Italian Renaissance! 

Palm Trees

I had to add these to the list. Everyone thinks of the iconic palm trees when picturing Beverly Hills. They are beautiful in photos! 

Beverly Hills Hotel

When you step into the Beverly Hills Hotel, you instantly marvel at the vintage glamor. This iconic hotel is the perfect photoshoot location due to the numerous LA palm trees, pink pool area with cabanas, and grand lobby. It’s a vintage vibe with a modern twist. If you love Old Hollywood vibes, this is a great option!

Bar or Restaurant

Have a favorite bar or restaurant? We can take photos there! Just be sure to get the okay from the business, and we may want to visit when they aren’t busy. 

Fancy Hotel

We can book a room and let the creativity run wild. (Think in the room, running around the hotel using their luggage cart.)

Villa del Sol d’Oro

This Italian replica of the Villa Collazzi near Florence was home to Dr. and Mrs. Barlow. They built it as their dream home in 1928. Today the home is used for classes, activities, and a movie filming location, but it is also the perfect spot for post-elopement photos with an Italian feel! 

Mission San Juan Capistrano

This historic landmark is known as the birthplace of Orange County. It also contains a chapel, gardens, and a museum. Take in the old-world elegance as you stroll through the vast grounds boasting beautiful architecture and wildlife. 

Vasquez Rocks

For the nature-loving couple, visit Vasquez Rocks in the high desert! These gorgeous rock formations dating back to prehistoric times are the perfect backdrop for your romantic photoshoot. 

Greystone Mansion

This elegant estate in Beverly Hills is filled with shocking history and beauty. Ned and Lucy Dohney once owned the home, but it’s now used as a filming location and wedding venue. This exquisite estate is a dreamy photoshoot location for all couples. 

Glamis Sand Dunes

For a killer backdrop, visit the sand dunes in Glamis! The incredible view of the vast desert landscape will leave you speechless. 

Rent an Airbnb

Feel free to rent an Airbnb for a fun and unique experience! And the best part is that you will have a private area with no others to distract or get in the way of your photoshoot. 

A Photography Studio

A photography studio allows you to choose a simple backdrop and multiple outfits. It provides a simple but still stunning way to achieve your gorgeous photos! We can create some fun editorial compilations, too.

Downtown LA

This expansive area is full of thriving businesses, parks, restaurants, and so much more.  

A Parking Garage

While most people may not consider a parking garage for their photoshoot location, it can actually create a fun and edgy vibe! 

Beaches in Malibu

You really can’t go wrong with beach photos! Be sure to check the weather forecast, and head to the beach before sunset! 

With so many exciting places in and around Los Angeles, choosing just one (or two) may be hard! But you really can’t go wrong with any of the locations listed, and I’d love to help you plan! (Don’t forget to double-check the opening/closing hours at the sites and obtain permission before entering.) I can’t wait to help you capture those beautiful memories! 

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20 Dreamy Los Angeles Photoshoot Locations

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