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It was a privilege to spend the day shooting with Mariana and Jen at the many fun locations they chose, perfect for edgy editorial vibes. From modern museum images to sexy bar photos in the dark and downtown strolls—altogether, we curated one EPIC engagement shoot. Styling a creative editorial engagement shoot together can be a great way for you to express yourselves, spend quality time together, and take a break from wedding planning.

Loving this edgy editorial style? Here are a few things to keep in mind to create the look.

5 Tips for Creating an Edgy Editorial Engagement Look

1. Location is Everything

We don’t have to stick to one place for your engagement session. You might opt for several locations with a similar theme or completely change up your look like Mariana and Jen! Need more location guidance? I’m here to lend a hand with that. Here are some of my go-to tips:

The Sentimental Locale

Finding somewhere that is significant to you and your relationship is always a great option. Here are some suggestions to get ideas flowing:

-Take it back to the beginning. Let’s head to where you met!
-Favorite restaurant, coffee shop, bar, or vineyard.
-Where did you get engaged? It doesn’t get much more meaningful than that!

2. Do What You Love!

For an extra dose of creativity, think of places where you enjoy spending time together. Before you know it, everyone will look to YOUR shoot as their inspiration.

Some interesting California locations to consider:

-Do you both love to play arcade games? Let’s head to an arcade or Malibu Pier.
-Love books? Let’s find a library or bookstore to shoot at!
-Embrace your inner ocean lover! Let’s find some water and make all your ocean couples photos dreams come true. A couple’s session in the water is oh, so romantic! Bring the swim suits!
-Have a friend with a gorgeous place in Beverly Hills? Let’s ask to use their home (or pool)!
-Are you night owls? Direct Flash is one of my favorite photography techniques, so shooting at night is always fun for me! I’m all about the sultry bar scenes for couples’ shoots.

3. Back to the Basics

Let your love do the talking. Choose somewhere that will let your outfits, props, and connection be the focus. All you need for your editorial engagement session is a pretty canvas that Mother Nature provides:

Some aesthetic locations include:

-The beach
-An open field
-Hiking trail

4. Wear Your Personality on Your Sleeve

Choosing outfits that photograph well is important, but that doesn’t have to mean boring.

Most of the time, we can get in at least one outfit change. Pack a bag and let’s have some fun! I’ve had several couples play up the high-fashion look, and I’ve encouraged it ever since! Are you ready to rock the runway?

Fun outfit styles to consider:

-Are you and your partner into vintage glam? Let’s get you dressed up in a glam white dress or a tux and take some elopement-style photos
-Do you have a favorite movie? I am not opposed to recreating one of your favorite romantic scenes. Noah and Allie in The Notebook…SWOON. Danny and Sandy’s outfits at the end of Grease…ICONIC. A scene from Singing in the Rain? TIMELESS! From sundresses and suits to cowboy hats and boots, I’m down for your vision.
-Have a little bit of that emo, grunge kid still inside you? Want to wear all black to give off edgy vibes? Pack the bold lipstick with Doc Martens and have some fun!

5. Prop it up

Props are always welcome and a blast to work with. The perfectly placed prop can take your session from basic to EPIC.

Ideas for props:

-Vehicles—Not many things hit like a vintage car or truck. Have a friend with a vintage car? Let’s get you dressed in some clothing to reflect the decade and set up some steamy backseat shots.
-Blow-up Mattress—A blow-up mattress made up to look like a bed can turn any basic location into a romantic movie set. Imagine a beach shoot with cozy bedding. My heart is fluttering just imagining it!
-Outdoor Adventure Gear—Do you like camping? Let’s pitch a tent and create a shoot. Do you surf together? Grab your surfboards and hit the waves while I act as your very own paparazzi.

Go Viral with Engagement Photos by Hanna Walkowaik

Your epic editorial engagement shoot starts with your consultation. I’d love to hear your ideas and see your mood board so we can craft the session of your dreams.

The sky is the limit for engagement photos, and I love when couples come to me with unique requests. Check out Mariana and Jen’s session below for more inspiration, and follow me on Instagram @hannawalkowaik to see what we’re up to.

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5 Tips for Creating Editorial Engagement Photos // Mariana + Jen

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