All Over Chicago Engagement Session

All Over Chicago Engagement Session

Ready for a super fun blog where we basically hoped around the city photographing in all of their favorite places? Here is a All Over Chicago Engagement Session. When I was talking with Alice and Michelle about their upcoming engagement shoot, I fell in love with every single idea they had. So naturally, we just had to try to do as many of them as we could! 

We started out at a bookstore. Now, being from Chicago, I knew that we would need to ask permission to shoot at these places. We reached out to several area bookstores, and Open Books let us shoot there, and it was PERFECT!!

Next we headed to the Wrigley Building, and you know how much I love that spot! From there we walked to Chicago Riverwalk for all the beautiful views! 

Finally, we drove up to Olive Park; we weren’t done yet! It was cold! We hopped around, grabbed a blanket and cuddled up & even popped some champagne to end the shoot!

Boom! Three locations, all beautiful!

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All Over Chicago Engagement Session

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