Brooklyn Bridge Engagement Session

Brooklyn Bridge Engagement Session

Every photographer has one of those dream- bucket-list shoots, right?   Well, the Brooklyn Bridge at sunrise has always been one of those for me!! Here is my very first Brooklyn Bridge engagement session!

So here’s how it went down…  I met Sami and Gabi at the end of the Brooklyn Bridge and we walked up for these epic views.  I left the apartment in Harlem around 5 A.m.! But let me tell you, it was WORTH IT!!  The views were incredible, and it was amazing to get a very blue cloudy day.  Why sunrise?  Because the Brooklyn Bridge gets crazy busy with tourists and bicyclists and is almost impossible to shoot at any other time.  Even at sunrise we were dealing with traffic!!

Anyway, it was a quick shoot before their work day, so we did all the classic shots you have seen a million times, then we walked around to grab some more unique shots, and that was about it!!  All- in-all it was perfect and one million thanks to Gabi and Sami for getting up before the sun in order to grab these beautiful images!!

Let me be completely real with you guys:  Living in Chicago and slowly trying to move my business to NYC hasn’t been easy, but I am SOO excited to start booking NYC clients for engagements and weddings.  I LOVE New York City and have dreamed about living there ever since I can remember!  Cannot wait to show you the amazing New York wedding portfolio I have been building!!





Brooklyn Bridge Engagement Session