Chicago City Hall Elopement

Chicago City Hall Elopement

I was beyond excited when Amanda asked me to photograph her Chicago city hall elopement!!  Amanda and I had met years ago, while I was shooting some branding photos for a suburban salon where she was a hairstylist (huge shout-out to Opulent Beauty!)!  Amanda was super cool and always down for all my suggestions and crazy ideas during the branding shoot.. So I knew her elopement was going to be a blast.

Side note, Amanda is an AMAZING hairstylist, she cuts and colors my hair,  but has also worked with me on wedding days doing bridal hair,  and her work is always stunning! If you are still looking for a hairstylist for your wedding day, take some time to check her out HERE!

Anyway—on to the elopement!!  We tried to get to City Hall downtown as soon as it opened, but you know how it goes, things happen!!  So they met up with me about 30 minutes after it opened,  and we checked in and waited in line.  For a Friday morning, it wasn’t too long a wait!  There was a short ceremony with the exchange of rings and a kiss and they were married!!  After it was official,  we headed outside city hall for some quick family photos. 

On to the portraits! First, we started at Bite Cafe, right by Kelly’s old apartment.  From there we headed to the 606 to do some cool photos with the train and just on the path!  The 606 is such a fun spot for portraits!!  Finally, we made our last stop at the Welcome to Chicago mural, which also has some epic train tracks and other murals around it.  I love taking the time to stop and utilize at all these locations!  Our last stop was Emporium, an arcade bar. We ordered some beers and took a few minutes to relax, play games while grabbing some really cool images along the way.





Chicago City Hall Elopement