Downtown Chicago Bar Engagement Photos

Downtown Chicago Bar Engagement Photos. When the time came to finally meet Anne and Seamus I couldn’t have been more excited. We’ve been planning their engagement session and wedding for a while, so I was super stoked to finally meet in person!

Chicago Bar Engagement at Estero

First, we started off at Estero which is this really cool bar in Logan Square here in Chicago! I was so happy that we were actually able to go inside and shoot inside too. Estero has such a cool vibe and it really felt like we were in a movie. Anne and Seamus are also both actors so maybe that’s why I feel that way too, but still! The decor mixed with the retro-type vibes really made it feel like I was grabbing stills from a movie. Inside Estero they have these beautiful big windows that open up and gave us AMAZING direct light, which we had to take advantage of. I love playing with light in different spaces, it can be so much fun. I even took some shots of them with light reflecting off of a car window, I mean come on… you’ve got to get crafty sometimes!

Lifestyle engagement photos are some of my favorite to shoot just because it helps give back some personality! It shows off the the couple and is something different from the typical engagement photos you may see (although… nothing wrong with that!). To send off our goodbyes to Estero, we of course had to take a celebratory shot! I definitely encourage a drink before or during your session! It helps loosen you up especially if you are nervous in front of the camera.

North Ave Beach

After leaving Estero, we headed off to North Ave Beach to capture some stunning sunset vibes. It was such a beautiful night for their engagement photos and plus, there weren’t too many people out! The weather was absolutely gorgeous and were able to snag some amazing golden hour pics. North Ave Beach is always a great place to take your engagement photos for great views + amazing lighting. Just make sure if you’re taking your engagement photos there to go before Summer. Once Summer hits, it’s volleyball season and it gets packed. So to beat the rush Spring is the best time to go!

From North Ave Beach, we then made our way over to the skyline where we were able to capture the most insane sunset! The colors that stretched across the sky were just breathtaking and really only last a few minutes, so we HAD to grab them quick. We stayed a little bit later just to grab some photos of sunset and 10/10 would do again. Of course, we had to do the classic champagne pop to celebrate their engagement. We ended their engagement photos with something new that I’ve been incorporating into the end of sessions. Lately I’ve been using my flash as it gets dark to just to add some pops of those trendy, editorial vibes that I’m all about!

Anne & Seamus’ engagement photos were a major success! From the movie like bar experience at Estero to the beautiful golden hour at North Ave Beach, this day couldn’t have been more perfect. I’m so glad to have been there to capture Anne & Seamus celebrating such a special time in their lives. I’m even more excited to capture their wedding in 2022! Congrats A+S!!!

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Downtown Chicago Bar Engagement Photos

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