Lifestyle Photography // 5 Reasons to Book an At-Home Couples Session

The best photos come from you feeling comfortable and confident in the moment. For some people, that’s nearly impossible in the middle of a public space with curious onlookers. But even if you don’t consider yourself nervous around others, how perfect would it be to incorporate intimate moments into your engagement session? Lifestyle photography is a great way to fully capture the truest version of you as a couple. Ericka and Despina’s at-home engagement shoot in LA encompasses all of the reasons I love these sessions and why you will too!

5 Reasons You’ll Love Your Lifestyle Engagement Session

1. You’ll feel comfortable in your own space.

Being in a space you’re accustomed to gives you the freedom to let loose in ways you might not in a traditional photo session. Whether it’s including your beloved pet or snuggling on your favorite couch, the possibilities are endless! This also makes your engagement session unique to you. These two enjoyed some bubbly in bed just like they did on their first date. What originally started as a plan to have some alone time (the struggle of living with roommates) later became a sweet photo opportunity! This was a fun way to document how their love story began. Lifestyle photography is one of the best ways to document your story authentically.

2. Adding in a creative activity or hobby brings a spark!

Another way to make your engagement session special is to incorporate interests such as cooking or making cocktails! Turning on your favorite music and dancing is also a great way to showcase your personalities. These ideas make for incredible in-the-moment pictures that capture you and your relationship in its natural element. It doesn’t get more romantic than barefoot, candid shots that showcase your love for one another!

3. Outfit & setting changes are simple

Location and outfit changes can complicate logistics when it comes to a traditional photo session (think: traffic, backseat clothing switch, etc.). Not only do you have your entire wardrobe at your disposal at home but these changes are no issue. We can save time, and you have privacy and wardrobe options (although I do recommend selecting your outfits in advance). The same can be said for backdrop changes! During your in-home engagement shoot, we can utilize so many different rooms and spaces, creating a wide array of photo opportunities! If this is your first home or apartment together, this is a great way to document that milestone, too.

4. Privacy

Lifestyle photography at home eliminates the pressure that comes with PDA to get those romantic engagement shots. Those affectionate moments feel more natural in a comfortable setting, which will translate to more intimate and emotive pictures!

5. Change it up with a vacation rental!

Contrary to what you might think (given the name), in home engagement shoots don’t have to take place in your home! If you feel like your space isn’t ideal for photos or you’re envisioning a certain aesthetic, an Airbnb, VRBO, or studio rental is a simple solution. There are so many wonderful spaces available; it should be no problem to find one that suits your style.

Important Notes for Your At-Home Photography Session

An important thing to consider when shooting lifestyle photography is quality light. In order to get beautiful, natural light photos like you see here we will need to be in a space with soft natural light. If your home doesn’t provide the optimal lighting situation, your shoot is still possible but may be more flash photography-based (which happens to be a specialty of mine). Get in touch here for examples of that. Or, check out this rainy-day wedding for indoor photography examples.

If you are planning your session at home, you may consider tidying up a bit and tucking knickknacks and daily household items away. Things like your cookbooks, coffee pot, or mugs are great! But hide any cords, dirty dishes, and not-so-photogenic items.

Book Your At-Home Engagement Session with Hanna!

If you’re looking for an engagement shoot that is personal and intimate with plenty of room to let your personality shine, lifestyle photography might be just right for you! Get in touch here, and let’s get you on the books!

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Lifestyle Photography // 5 Reasons to Book an At-Home Couples Session

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