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Malibu Beach Bluff Sunset Engagement // Jordan + Kyle

I had an absolute blast shooting Jordan and Kyle’s engagement session at Westward Beach in Malibu—but it didn’t come without a few surprises, courtesy of Mother Nature! While my sessions are usually pretty straightforward, their story is a bit wild. I knew I immediately had to share how we came about this breathtaking session that almost didn’t happen!

A Risk Worth Taking

As usual, I kept an eye on the weather leading up to Jordan and Kyle’s engagement session, and it was supposed to be a perfectly sunny day. Malibu is a bit of a trek for me, so I started driving over an hour and a half before our planned start time. As I got closer, dark clouds started to form and cover the sky—an ominous sign. I pulled over, looked at the weather, and called Jordan and Kyle. They were also following the weather and starting to get a bit nervous. 

However, since I was already halfway there, we decided to risk it all and move forward with the shoot anyway! We figured we could as least get some epic pre-storm shots and maybe even shoot in the light rain, and then reschedule for a nicer day with sunset views. (I mean why NOT take advantage of a Notebook moment?!) Something told me to keep driving, and that it was going to turn out beautifully.  

And wow, was I right! There are no words for how spectacular the views were. As I pulled up to the Malibu beach, the clouds parted, revealing miles of the clear, blue ocean. It was absolutely the most perfect weather for photos—even better than a full-sun day!

Jordan and Kyle’s photoshoot was simple and classic, allowing their personalities and their love for adventure to really shine through. They wore neutral colors and decided to go barefoot in the sand, which lent to the breezy, casual Malibu beach vibes. I was obsessed with the way that these photos truly focused on their love story without added flashy colors or props. They simply enjoyed spending time together on this breathtaking beach, and it was such an authentic reflection of who they are as a couple.

Warm Westward Beach Vibes

Westward Beach is one of my go-to Malibu beach locations because you can *normally* hike up to Point Dume within 15-20 minutes. However, the weather has been so bad in southern California this past winter that the road all but washed away. 

Nonetheless, Westward Beach is especially important to Jordan and Kyle because that is where Kyle popped the question! So instead of heading up to Point Dume, we ran around the beach for some candid, action shots. Kyle and Jordan are so sweet and playful, and they really wanted that dynamic captured in their photos. The chemistry between them is fire! Throughout the photoshoot, they played tag on the beach, climbed and explored the rocks, and watched the waves roll in. It was such a gorgeous and memorable evening. It was so beautiful watching the two of them together, and it was a joy to be able to make this session happen for them, despite the gloomy clouds that tried to chase us away beforehand. 

With the engagement session complete, these two are getting married at Rancho de las Palmas in Moorpark, California in October, and I can’t wait to be there to shoot it! I am already foreseeing some spectacular photos, so stay tuned for that gorgeous album at the end of the year!

Malibu Beach Bluff Sessions

If you love Malibu and want beach photos with the dramatic rocky bluff look, check out El Matador and Point Dume (when accessible)! You’ll get a double dose of those romantic sunset shots and surreal rocky cliff backdrops, too. When choosing a photoshoot location, it’s so important to give yourself plenty of background options. That way, you have a variety of photos that will make your overall shoot exciting and unpredictable (don’t be afraid to explore and get dirty—it photographs better than you’d think!) 

As a wedding photographer, I genuinely love shooting engagement sessions and capturing each couple’s individual love story. Your engagement session gives us time to get to know each other in a low-stress environment and get creative to produce photos you’re obsessed with! 

Please get in touch if you have any questions about locations, what to wear, items to bring, etc. I am always happy and eager to help—this is my passion! 

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Malibu Beach Bluff Sunset Engagement // Jordan + Kyle

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