Meyers Castle Wedding Photography

Meyers Castle Wedding Photography

Ready for some Meyer’s Castle wedding photography? I was so excited to shoot Brittany and Lance’s wedding!  It was my first time at this wedding venue.  Meyers Castle is such a fun venue, with a bunch of beautiful places for portraits, a gorgeous outdoor ceremony space.  Oh and also there are even peacocks strutting around the property!! 

Brittany and Lance decided not to do a first look.  They wanted to see each other for the first time walking down the aisle.  And wow, was it amazing watching Brittany walking down all the stairs to meet him at the altar.  Their ceremony was so beautiful and in just the perfect spot.  I loved all the colors and beautiful greenery.  I am such a sucker for an outdoor wedding ceremony!! 

After the ceremony, we did some bridal portraits of them and then headed right into the beautiful air- conditioned reception space.  The reception was awesome with all their guests reacting to speeches and cheering everyone on—such a blast! 

They ended dinner with a karaoke battle, something they did at all of their friends’ weddings and lets just say it was perfect!  I love the non-traditional things that people add to their wedding day that really showcase their relationships and personality!!  It was so much fun and truly demonstrated just how “made for each other” Brittany and Lance truly are!

They opened the dance floor after their epic first dance, and then we headed out for a few night portraits.  I even brought a little smoke bomb, which Meyers Castle said was okay to use on the property (a lot of Chicago wedding venues forbid them, since they are illegal in the city, but lucky for us,  not in Indiana where Meyers Castle is!!) and we got some amazing shots of them kissing, seriously like straight out of a movie or maybe a music video.  Thanks to Brittany and Lance for having me and hosting one of the most enjoyable receptions I have ever been to!! The love you have not only for each other, but for all your friends and family so showed through this amazing day!!

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Meyers Castle Wedding Photography