Snowy Lincoln Park Proposal

Lincoln Park Proposal

A beautiful, super snowy, Lincoln Park Proposal on Halloween!

He and Angenica are from California,  but Chicago is Angenica’s absolute favorite city and she wanted to show it to Danny! They had been dating for 10 years and their actual 10 year anniversary was on October 31, Halloween! Danny wanted to make the proposal extra special, so we planned it to happen ON their anniversary. He even sent over flowers and candles for me to prepare a cool little romantic proposal spot ahead of time and everything! 

When I woke up the morning of the proposal, it was SNOWING!! Beautiful big snowflakes just appeared out of nowhere, and I was super excited. I hurried and set up the flowery scene under the Honeycomb and amazingly the huge snowflakes kept falling during the proposal , as if we’d ordered them! It was a truly gorgeous moment! 

After all the tears and laughter, we headed to Garfield Park Conservatory, where we had gotten a permit to photograph the second half of our shoot, so we were able to get some cozy warm indoors shoots too! 

Such a lovely, happy surprise proposal! I just love shooting surprise proposals and meeting all these amazing couples! 

Congratulations Danny and Angenica!!  Love this session?  Check out what Lincoln Park looks like in the summertime HERE!!   Also perfect for a summer proposal 🙂

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Snowy Lincoln Park Proposal