Sunset Engagement at The Griffith Observatory // Sara + Noah

From romantic shots under grand archways to gorgeous sunset photos against the Los Angeles skyline, this engagement shoot at Griffith Observatory had it all! These two lovebirds, Sara and Noah, are set to tie the knot this September in Simi Valley. 

The Spot | Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory is a stunning attraction in LA nestled atop Mount Hollywood. This picturesque observatory has been featured in popular films, including Jurassic Park, La La Land, Rebel Without a Cause, and many more. We spent some time at Griffith, taking in the views and snapping photos against the beautiful architecture. With a good mix of digital and film images, you could say we got some cinematic movie-worthy shots while we were there!

Guest Appearance | The Four-Legged Star

Sara and Noah brought their precious fur baby, Luna, along for some pictures too. She had the sweetest bandana that said “I do too!” and their upcoming wedding date. I love when couples incorporate parts of their everyday lives into their shoot. After we snapped photos with Luna, she hung around with a family member to occupy her while we finished up at the Griffith Observatory. If you want to include your four-legged friends in your photos, it’s a must to have a plan for them after they’ve made their debut. Also, having a lot of treats on hand is a surefire way to keep their attention when you need it!

The Dress | What to Wear For Your Engagement Shoot

We need to take a moment for Sara’s dress; it was the perfect choice for engagement photos. Not only was the shape and material so flattering on her, but it also had a gorgeous color and great movement for photos. It didn’t detract from Sara and Noah as the focal points, but it did add a bit of vibrancy to their pictures—a perfect balance! And somehow, her dress looked good from all angles (she didn’t have to continually fuss over it to make sure it stayed in place). 

Keep these things in mind when choosing your engagement session outfits. In general, you want clothes that:

-Complement each other
-Don’t overwhelm the photos
-Feel comfortable (and seasonally appropriate)
-Accentuate your figure (No oversized or boxy pieces! Although cute in real life, you might risk looking like a floating head in photos.)
-Reflect your genuine style

Feel free to bring a few accessories or statement pieces to try during our session if that feels like you. I’ll let you know if they work well for photos and help you photogenically style the outfit.

If you aren’t sure about picking the right outfits or making sure they will translate well on camera, don’t hesitate to reach out. I am happy to guide you! As your engagement photographer, I want you to feel relaxed and excited about your session, from the planning stage to when the gallery hits your inbox.

Love the Location? | Here Are A Few Tips

Because Griffith Observatory is a public attraction, timing is something to consider when planning a session here. The same goes for other popular public areas (think: beaches, museums, parks, etc.). Sara and Noah’s opted for a winter engagement session, so it wasn’t too crowded at sunset (around 5 PM). If you’re planning on a shoot in the summer, I highly recommend a sunrise session. People—locals and tourists alike–flock to The Griffith Observatory at sunset during the summer months. At sunrise, you have a much better chance of having those views and spots all to yourself! 

We wandered down a little hiking path toward the end of the shoot. From this spot, not only did we have a great view of the Griffith from below, but more importantly, we found unbelievable panoramic views of Los Angeles as the sun was setting. Breathtaking shades of pink and blue illuminated the city. Sara and Noah were troopers waiting with me for the colors to change for the perfect shot, and it was absolutely worth it!

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Sunset Engagement at The Griffith Observatory // Sara + Noah

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