Fall Upstate NY Engagement Session

Fall Upstate NY Engagement Session

This post is all about the fact that I took my sister’s engagement photos!!! I was so excited we were going on a  family vacation (the first time our whole family got together since 2014!) just a few months after Maija and Mark got engaged.  She wasn’t totally sold on a whole engagement shoot, so instead we just did little semi-spontaneous shoots throughout our trip!!

We started in Upstate New York at June Farms, where my family and I were staying.  June Farms is also an amazing wedding venue by the way!!  Half of the rooms were gorgeous and luxurious with running water and everything, the other was little wood “glamping” cabins where you built fires to stay warm.  The younger of us all stayed in the smaller cabins, while the elders got the cushy cabins with kitchens, bathrooms, and all.  

So we started with our little wood cabins. It was perfect fall weather, the leaves were changing colors and the air was just starting to get cool, it just made for perfect photos!  We took some photos there, then drove around and tried to see what we could find.  What we didn’t think of is that it was Saturday, so there were weddings EVERYWHERE around the farm, even on different park properties; it was a little bit crazy.  So we finally found a little park with pretty fall colors and finished our first part of the shoot there.

But hey, we weren’t done that quickly!!  Since we were going to be in NYC anyway, Maija and I both thought it would be awesome to get a few shots in NYC.  We started at an ice cream shop we had never been to before, but Maija and Mark had always enjoyed an ice cream together, so it was very fitting.  After that, we walked around the Highline in Chelsea and got some beautiful photos while the sun was setting.

Now, I love shooting engagement sessions but getting to do these for my sister was extra special!! Maija and Mark are also having an intimate wedding this summer in Minnesota on the North Shore.  I am, of course, going to be shooting it, BUT I also am bringing Jake with me (my bf and one of my associate photographers) to take some photos for us so I can be in the family photos! 

One more huge congrats to Maija and Mark, I am so excited for you guys!!





Fall Upstate NY Engagement Session