Veteran Acres Elopement

Veteran Acres Elopement Portraits

Veteran Acres Elopement – Rather than being a full elopement, this blog is actually just portraits of Alyssa and Alyssia in the wedding clothes. They didn’t have a photographer there for their actual elopement. But honestly, this was perfect!! We were able to plan a weekday when the Veteran Acres Forest Preserve wasn’t as crowded as it would be on a weekend!  And we got to plan our shoot during golden hour.

Veteran Acres Forest Preserve is such an amazing place not just for an elopement or a portrait session, but for engagement sessions, family sessions, maternity sessions…you name it!!  Even just walking around and exploring is amazing, but make sure you go with someone (like me, hint hint) who knows how to get to the tall pine tree groves, as they are off the main paths of the park, AND fabulous!

I love photographing people at this location as it almost feels like we have left Chicago and the suburbs and are walking through a forest on the West Coast somewhere.  Talk about the perfect spot to do a session during Covid, when you are dying to travel but can’t!!  If you are looking for an amazing spot to take photos outside of Chicago, with an epic forest, this is your place!!

Again, huge thanks to Alyssa and Alyssia for trusting me with all my crazy ideas on locations, timing, laying on the ground and all of that!!  I had a such a blast doing these portraits for you and I cannot wait for your wedding day later this year!!

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Veteran Acres Elopement

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