Why You Should Incorporate Film Photography Into Your Los Angeles Wedding

The appeal of film photography in the digital age has definitely increased over the last couple of years, especially in the wedding industry. In the bustling and picturesque settings that Los Angeles offers, incorporating film photography can transform your wedding memories into timeless pieces of art. My personal journey with film photography deeply influences my perspective on its unique charm and why it’s a perfect match for your Los Angeles wedding!

My Personal Connection and Background With Film Photography

Growing up with a darkroom in my house, film photography has been a significant part of my life. My mom’s hobby of capturing moments from her travels and our family life introduced me to the magic of film from a super young age. During my college years, I embraced the title of disposable camera, little film camera, and Polaroid queen, documenting every phase of my life through the lens of these cameras. From teaching kids in Minnesota, studying in downtown Chicago, to exploring Bath, England, and working backstage at New York Fashion Week, film photography was my medium of expression. This foundation laid the groundwork for my excitement when film photography started gaining traction in the wedding industry, allowing me to blend my personal passion with my professional work!

The Unique Appeal of Film Photography for Your Los Angeles Wedding

The decision to incorporate film photography into your Los Angeles wedding isn’t just a nod to nostalgia; it’s a choice that adds depth, authenticity, and a touch of magic to your wedding photos.

Intentionality and Authenticity 

Film photography requires a deliberate approach. With only 36 shots on a 35mm roll and up to 16 on 120 film, each frame is thoughtfully (and expertly) composed, capturing genuine moments and emotions. This intentionality brings an authentic and raw element to wedding photography, where every image tells a story. 

Unpredictable Beauty 

The inherent unpredictability of film – from light leaks to double exposures – adds an element of surprise and uniqueness to your wedding photos. These ‘imperfections’ often result in the most memorable and cherished images, capturing the essence of your day in ways that digital photography just can’t replicate!

Aesthetic Quality 

Film photography is renowned for its aesthetic appeal. The natural colors, the grain, and the overall texture of film photos possess a timeless quality that digital images strive to emulate. Although there is some editing involved in film photography, it requires much less manipulation than digital. Each film stock brings its unique color palette and mood, lending your wedding photos an honestly irreplaceable warmth and depth.

Capturing the Vibe

My personal affinity for using flash in film photography is perfect for capturing the energy and atmosphere of your wedding reception especially. From the heartfelt toasts to the craziness of the dance floor, film photography has a knack for freezing those fleeting moments of joy and celebration, allowing you to be brought right back to the moment every single time. 


 Film totally excels in capturing stunning portraits on your wedding day. With my combination of candid and editorial styles, adding on film photography can create breathtaking images of you and your partner that feel both intimate and grand and that honestly feel like they came straight out of Vogue. Think: “Oh my gosh, these look like they should be hung up in a museum” vibes. 

The Artistic Element

A key aspect of my brand approach involves capturing not just traditional wedding images but also unique, artistic film shots that evoke the essence of your special day. These photos range from the stunning mountains visible from your getting-ready location, intriguing shadows cast across your venue’s floor, to a fleeting deer near your ceremony space. These images transcend typical wedding photography, offering instead distinctive art pieces that transport you back to those moments while doubling as beautiful artwork you’d wanna hang up in your home. Film allows me to be intentional about each shot I take to create a unique yet cohesive gallery made up of different moments throughout your day!

Embracing Film Photography on Your Wedding Day – What You Should Plan For

While film photography adds an irreplaceable layer of depth and emotion to your wedding photos, it’s important to consider a few aspects to fully embrace its potential:


Film photography is a slower, more deliberate process. For example, instead of just being able to continuously click a button and maybe have to swap out a memory card on digital, I have to change rolls, change the meter, focus the camera, and line up the subjects accordingly with film. Allocating extra time in your wedding schedule for film shots ensures that these moments are captured without rush, allowing for the full expression of film’s artistic potential!


Film absolutely thrives in natural light. Planning your schedule to include outdoor photos (or an outdoor ceremony and reception if you want to make the most out of it) during bright sunlight or the golden hour will significantly enhance the quality and aesthetic of your film photos. Film can still totally be stunning when used indoors (like during the speeches or on the dance floor), there’s something special about a sunlit day or golden hour shots that elevate the photos to a high-end, editorial level. 

Is Film Something You Want to Incorporate Into Your Los Angeles Wedding?

Incorporating film photography into your Los Angeles wedding not only pays homage to a timeless art form but also ensures that your wedding memories are captured in a uniquely beautiful and authentic way. With its blend of intentionality, unpredictability, and unparalleled aesthetic appeal, film photography will add a layer of depth and nostalgia to your wedding photos that will be cherished for generations.

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Why You Should Incorporate Film Photography Into Your Los Angeles Wedding

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