11 Ideas for a ‘Uniquely You’ Wedding Day

When you search for unique wedding ideas, the results show tons of articles on how to “wow your guests.” But this is your special day to commemorate your commitment to each other and your decision to do life together. Your friends and family are there to support you and celebrate the occasion with you. You don’t have to “wow” them with entertainment–your wedding day does not have to be a production to impress others. However, if you’re looking for unique wedding ideas, look for things to incorporate that will be special and memorable for the two of you. 

Savannah and Katie did exactly that. Every part of their day was fun, flirty, and heartfelt from beginning to end. From stopping at a hot dog stand on the way to the reception to ending the night at your favorite bar, you can make your wedding day one you genuinely enjoy. And if you can’t fit it all in, don’t be afraid to skip a few wedding traditions that just aren’t your thing and replace them with activities that feel more like ‘you.’ 

11 Wedding Ideas for a ‘Uniquely You’ Wedding Day

Using Savannah and Katie’s wonderfully unique wedding as inspiration, here are a few ways to make your wedding day special and unforgettable:

Get married at your favorite brewery or restaurant.

Katie and Savannah tied the knot at Revolution Brewery in Chicago for an equally beautiful and memorable wedding experience! 

Partake in city traditions.

You might stop for hotdogs in Chicago or a slice of pizza in NYC. Try on hats at the local market. Dance in the square while a street musician plays. Stroll along a waterway or sing along with a mariachi band. What tradition is your city known for?

Read private vows to each other during your first look.

Looking for romantic wedding ideas? If you want to exchange personalized vows but don’t love speaking into a microphone for all to hear, this is a beautiful, intimate option (and you get great photos, too!) You can also frame them later as gifts to each other.

Use a unique or personalized guest book. 

As a wedding photographer, I’ve seen it all. Examples include a record player guest book with the couple’s favorite record. Or, you could have your guests all talk into a telephone to leave voice messages via FêteFone! There are tons of fun options.

Get ready together.

Yes, this removes the element of surprise or the grand reveal of a first look, but some couples simply want to spend the day together, and that works, too! You could still take a few minutes to get dressed separately and come out for a first look together. Or, you could do a first look with your wedding party or family members instead. 

Have your dog make a guest appearance before or after the ceremony.

Furbabies always make for the cutest photos! And, if you live in the area, a friend or family member can take them back home before the reception. Another wedding idea is for one of you to surprise the other with a special appearance by a friend or family member who “couldn’t make it.”

Make speeches for each other at the reception.

If you don’t mind the limelight, exchanging speeches at the reception is a way to share just how much you mean to each other. It also gives you both a chance to share your story with loved ones (from your own perspectives).

Serve local food favorites. 

Look local for more wedding ideas! Pittsburgh does the famous Pittsburgh Cookie Table, where all the guests bring homemade cookies to the reception. Or, you could serve up street tacos or cultural cuisine. Another option would be to serve both of your favorite foods.

Do your dances with your parents at the same time.

Photos of you both dancing with your parents at the same time make for really special photos. I can still get photos of each of you with your parents separately by isolating each couple in the frame, but it can be a really memorable experience to have all of you out there together, too.

Sit on the bar for some movie star photos. 

Take advantage of this excellent opportunity to sit on the bar and sip your drinks like celebrities. When else do you have the chance to do that?!

Do an activity or game with your guests.

For Katie and Savannah’s wedding, Revolution Brewery offered brewery tours to all the guests during cocktail hour! You could also throw darts, play yard games, sing karaoke, or have a limbo competition. 

Celebrate Your Day, Your Way with Hanna Walkowaik

However you decide to celebrate your big day, have fun doing your day your way! If you’re planning a Los Angeles or destination wedding, I’m happy to brainstorm wedding ideas with you. Connect with me here to get more information on wedding photography.

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11 Ideas for a ‘Uniquely You’ Wedding Day

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