At Home Chicago Couples Session

At Home Chicago Couples Session

Chicago In-Home sessions are seriously one of my favorites! Nothing better captures your relationship and personalities than a session in your own home, with all your own things and plants and fur babies! There is something super cozy about it, PLUS, years from now you will love looking at photos of the home you started out in together! I always encourage couples to try to include a location that holds special meaning for them and what means more than HOME?

 Sam and Brandon had just moved in together and had loved decorating their apartment together, from painting walls to hanging new chandeliers, to gathering all the plants! Brandon even, together with his dad, built some of the furniture for their new home! They were excited to capture their life together in their new home, and I was all over it! To me, Chicago homes have so much character and charm, ideal for sessions! While Sam and Brandon’s session was pre-Covid, I think in-home sessions are especially meaningful during these crazy Covid times, when our homes all became even more special to us. 

Chicago in-home sessions can include lots of different things- of course we’ll do the portraits, but it’s also an opportunity for some real lifestyle images- think the two of you cooking dinner together or baking cupcakes or playing music or playing fetch with your dog! 

Sam and Brandon baked cupcakes and planted their garden and snuggled with their adorable pup, I think you’ll agree their in-home session was pure magic!





At Home Chicago Couples Session