Chicago LGBTQ+ Session Photography

Chicago LGBTQ+ Couples Session Photographer

Wow, okay these two were so cute together! All I had to do was just have them face each other and they would literally start laughing and cuddling on each other.  So happy and naturals in front of the camera.  We started this shoot leisurely downtown and then headed up to Montrose Beach.  

While we were downtown I really wanted to get something totally different rather than just the main city shots, so we headed to a black brick wall to do some more edgy, artsy and fun photos of the two of them. I love thinking outside the box and going off the beaten path to add in fun and unique shots like these

Now most people know of the beach at Montrose and the city skyline, but somehow people always seem to miss the little nature preserve/bird sanctuary that is tucked in between the two.  This area of trees and long grass has always been one of my favorite places to go to relax and get away from the city. As soon as you walk up one of the paths, you can’t even tell you are just 20 steps away from the skyline and the city.  Although you can still hear the noise of the city, if you pop in your headphones you will feel like you are on a *short* nature hike!

Thank you to Dylan and Matt for being so open to all of my weird requests and handling the bugs when laying down in the grass and half tackling each other in between all the long grass.  It was seriously so much fun and you two radiate your love for each other.

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Chicago LGBTQ+ Session Photography