Colorado Engagement Photographer

Colorado Engagement Session Photographer

When Hailee got in touch with me about photographing her Colorado mountain weddings, I wanting to cry with joy. I had only shot in the mountains of Guatemala and fell in love with the mountains!  I’m from the midwest, okay, they still amaze me!! Just call me a Colorado engagement photographer now, ok?

Hailee and I when to summer camp together back in the day and I was so excited for her to make this huge step in life!  Of course, I said yes and booked my ticket to come photograph her engagement at St Marys Glacier in Colorado. 

When coming to Colorado, I was training Jake (one of my second photographers and also my BF) to be an associate photographer for me… And btw he is seriously SO GOOD!!  So we both flew out to Colorado.. I mean it was a trip with my boyfriend too right? 🙂  Anyway, the night before the session, we drove way up into the mountains and met Hailee and Alex at an Airbnb we all split and rented in order to get up for the sunrise session at 4:30 AM!  We drank Colorado beer and ate frozen pizzas!  

In the morning we woke up before the sun to get ready and hike up the mountain.  Hailee chose St Marys Glacier not only because it was beautiful, but it was an easy hike and there was still snow on the mountains in August.  And wow was she right!!  We got to the top of the mountain at the perfect time.  The sun was just starting to rise in the sky and it was a perfect morning golden hour.

Thank you Hailee and Alex for bringing me out to Colorado, I cannot wait to be back to photograph your Colorado wedding!! 

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Colorado Engagement Photographer