Lincoln Park and North Ave Engagement

Lincoln Park and North Ave Engagement

Alright, let’s talk about this Lincoln Park and North Ave Engagement session! Samantha and George were so much fun!! They are getting married this year in Ohio, but wanted to have their engagement session here in Chicago and so they got in touch.  We seriously vibed so well I felt like I was laughing the whole session.  

For their engagement session they picked out two of Chicago’s most beautiful and popular spots, Lincoln Park Boardwalk & North Ave Beach.  Both locations are sooo gorgeous but also very different from each other, and of course, they each perfectly highlight the city in different ways.  I love the wildflowers and nature vibes around Lincoln Park. But NOTHING beats those North Ave Beach views! Okay, well maybe like on a boat… Which by the way would be one of my dream engagement sessions or weddings!  I am manifesting over here!

When I was first writing this I wrote that the weather was perfect, because honestly the photos looked like it..  Now rereading before I post it… It was literally sunny and raining for about 10 minutes during the session… BUT we were walking so it was perfect timing. And let’s just say that sunset over North Ave Beach made us linger a little past our scheduled time, because it was just soooo epic.  Thank you sooo much to Samantha and George for the perfect session, so excited for you to get married this year!

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Lincoln Park and North Ave Engagement