Chicago Greenhouse Loft Wedding

Chicago Greenhouse Loft Wedding

Chicago Greenhouse Loft Wedding –  Emily started her day at the Acme Hotel, such a great get-ready spot!  We spent a little time there doing details and final touches on her makeup, but then quickly went downstairs for the first look.  I really love first looks because it means we are taking photos earlier in the day!!  It frees you up to spend all of cocktail hour and your reception seeing your guests and socializing!  No slipping out during that time for photos.

Emily and Conor’s first look was so cute!  They just walked across the street from the hotel (the bridesmaids could even see them through the window) and when Conor turned around to get his first glimpse of Emily, there were a few tears!  They both cried and I got teary eyed because of their obvious in-love-ness!  

As you can see from the photos they had a massive wedding party.  26 people in total! Definitely the biggest wedding party I had ever done!   Thankfully everyone in the wedding party was a good listener and ready for a good time.. So they all took direction well and we got amazing photos at not just one, but TWO locations!

We headed over to Greenhouse Loft to get ready for the ceremony.  By the time it was ceremony hour it was dark, so I set up flashes to ensure I got clear and crisp images of the occasion! 

After the first dance and the mother-son dance, Emily did a special song tribute to her dad, where everyone stood in a circle on the dance floor and sang his favorite song.  It was one of my favorite things that I have ever seen done at a wedding—so special and lovely; the perfect way to honor her dad on her special day.  After the song finished with a big group hug, they opened the dance floor and the rest is history!

Shot for Greenhouse Loft Photography for Cage and Aquarium.





Chicago Greenhouse Loft Wedding