Couple Bar Hopping in Austin, TX

Couple Bar Hopping in Austin, TX

As I was heading to Austin to spend a week there with my boyfriend over Valentine’s Day, but of course, I always need to reach out and get some couples sessions scheduled during my travels.  I am planning to start shooting in Austin a ton more in the coming years.. I seriously fell in LOVE with the city, and the people too!  Here is a couple bar hopping in Austin, TX session!

So, I connected with Reanna and Jackson through an old roommate Reid. (who I met on Craigslist btw, and was totally cool and not a creepy Craigslist guy LOL).  Sometimes you just randomly meet people you are destined to be best friends with… For me, this was Jackson and Reanna!

R + J started with tequila shots, and I took it slow and had a beer. (girl can’t handle her tequila over here). We found the porch of the bar and did some canoodling photos.  After shooting with some murals, we went to this cool train station.  My favorite shots are photos of them in the little archways. I would love to find some cute train stations like this in Chicago! 

Lastly, we headed to another bar where they were just finishing up a food shoot for a food truck and handed us loads of free food!!  Of course, we accepted, ate, and I had to take photos of them eating tacos, because this is yet another of my bucket list shoots.

 I can’t stress enough how lucky I was to meet Reanna and Jackson! They are seriously some of the coolest people I have ever met in all my travels and I felt like I had known them for years after just a few hours of shooting. 





Couple Bar Hopping in Austin, TX