Lifestyle Photographer LA // Couple’s Editorial Boudoir Session

Lifestyle photography continues to rise in popularity—and for good reason! Although lifestyle sessions often take place at home, in a cozy studio, or even an Airbnb like this one, they’re surprisingly versatile. The privacy of an indoor location allows you to explore poses and looks without worrying about onlookers. Because of that, they’re beautifully intimate. If you’re looking for a lifestyle photographer in LA, I’m your gal!

Intimate Lifestyle Photography Location Ideas

A lifestyle session isn’t limited to the bedroom. Think outside the box and choose a location that best suits your style and comfort level. Holly and Alyssa loved the idea of a high-fashion, editorial photoshoot, but they also wanted some couple’s boudoir shots too. This session offered an intimate experience for the two of them to enjoy quality time together, and it also turned out to be a great gift they could give each other. I had a blast making that happen for them (Alyssa is a fantastic photographer, so I was honored when they asked me to photograph this special session).

Wondering where to have your lifestyle session?

First things first, let’s pick a location for your lifestyle or couple’s boudoir photoshoot.

At home

Whether you have a studio apartment or residential home, we can create a variety of portraits together. Living areas, floor lounge setups, bedroom suites, staircases, kitchen counters, and backyard patios make fantastic options.

Hotel Suite

For an upscale urban look, we can take a few photos around a swanky hotel and then head up to a hotel suite for the rest of the lifestyle session. Share a few laughs and drinks at the hotel bar or pour drinks and sip champagne in bed. Hotel balconies make fun photo sets too!

Airbnb / VRBO Rental

Maybe your own home aesthetic is still a work in progress, or you simply want to venture someplace new. An Airbnb can offer that at-home feel and double as a romantic getaway! I’m obsessed with the aesthetic of the Airbnb home Holly and Alyssa chose for their editorial session. I couldn’t have styled it better myself!

Private Lake / Beach House

Whether you have access to a home on the water or you prefer to book a place for your session, a house with waterfront scenes can offer some carefree beachy vibes. Feel free to bring along the bathing suits for some romantic sunset photos!

Why Book an Intimate Lifestyle Session

There are a million reasons to book an intimate couple’s session. It’s fun, and you get some gorgeous *non-selfie* photos of the two of you together. A lifestyle session is meant to showcase the essence of who you are as a couple. With the private environment, you’re free to let your hair down and be yourselves.

Have a pose or image in mind you’d like to try? I’d love to guide you through it! And if you aren’t feeling it, let’s try something else. Laugh, cuddle, dance, turn up the music—you do you! Let me capture that beautiful spark and chemistry between the two of you.

Here are a few reasons couples book lifestyle sessions with me:

-Just because
-Relationship milestone
-Photo gift
-Updated photos

Book Your Session with Hanna Walkowaik | Lifestyle Photographer LA

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