New York City Photoshoot // Just-for-Fun Glamour Sesh

When your couples are successful AF (aka super busy rocking life), you roll with it and book a nighttime photoshoot! I went to high school with Sanyu, (and yes, she has always been this stylish). I could not wait to photograph my fashionista friend and her equally trendy partner Kevin. Together, they are so dynamic and fun—always down for artistic poses and edgy images. I knew we had to put a photoshoot together during my visit to NYC. I felt like I was photographing a fashion show with the city streets as our runway.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I’ve always wanted to photograph sessions and weddings in the Big Apple, and this was my way of officially manifesting it. More to come? We’ll see! (Hint, hint: let’s get in touch if you’re envisioning fun and funky NYC engagement photos!)

While some may hesitate to book an outdoor night session, I consider this my secret specialty. I enjoy working with the direct flash and interesting lighting situations to create striking images. For Sanyu and Kevin, this snazzy photoshoot was actually considered a lifestyle session. (Yep, they lead really cool lives.) Not far from their loft and everyday stomping grounds, this backdrop felt ordinary to them. However, donning some stunning designer outfits and strutting around made it so much more fun. I’m obsessed with the sights and sounds of NYC, and we had plenty of light to make this glamorous lifestyle session pop! It belongs in a category all to itself.

Rather than navigate the most crowded areas of the city, we actually to take photos near the financial district. It’s just a bit calmer, but the architecture and glitz and glam of the city are still phenomenal. The financial block also provided unique juxtaposition to the photos: trendy, unconventional attire against the business-district backdrop. We started at dusk and made our way across a few blocks until we found an empty bank space near their loft. I’d say it was a hit!

If you’re planning an NYC photoshoot, go ahead and strut your stuff in an iconic crosswalk shot! But there’s also so much more you can do. The city is brimming with creative possibility and opportunity.

Wondering what could be in store for your session? Here are a few set ideas for your NYC engagement photos or couple’s session:

5 Creative Scenes for Your NYC Photoshoot

Charming NYC Apartment Stoop

NYC apartment stoops are iconic features of the city. Steal a kiss on the steps—in the evening, porch lights make for really cool silhouette images, too!

Bustling City Crosswalks

Let’s play with line and composition a little with some unconventional NYC crosswalk portraits. I love the in-motion look of a lightly blurred image or gif. We can also create some leading lines with the buildings to create a work of art. If you’re in need of a statement piece for your home or apartment, this image will convey the essence of NYC! The key is finding the perfect crosswalk—a meaningful and scenic spot to preserve your favorite memories and parts of the city.

Romantic Rooftop Perspective

Finding a rooftop for photos requires a bit of planning (and approval). However, if we have access to a rooftop that allows photography, we can use the bird’s eye vantage point to our advantage. What’s better than a skyline backdrop for your NYC photo session?!

Intriguing Historic Spaces

Without going anywhere sketchy or illegal, NYC has some pretty cool architecture, unused spaces, and historic features we can work with. For example, we had access to this amazing vintage bank vault for Sanyu and Kevin’s session. Let me know if you have somewhere (safe) in mind!

Home Sweet Home

And finally, let’s take it back to the place you feel most relaxed. It’s fun to get all dressed up for a night on the town, but don’t forget to document your relationship in its truest form. Your home, apartment, living space—whatever you may call it—offers a private environment for intimate photos. Relax with some drinks or have a game night, the choice is up to you!

game night gif by Hanna Walkowaik

Book Your NYC Engagement Photos with Hanna Walkowaik

It’s not hard to hit all of these spots in a session to add tons of variety to your NYC photo session. I’d love to help you make it happen! Check out my most recent work on Instagram @hannawalkowaik or in my Photography Portfolio.