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Let me let you in on a little secret: Malibu Creek State Park is one of my favorite photography locations for just about any occasion. Engagement photos, bridal portraits, elopements, couple’s sessions—you name it, and this gorgeous natural canvas will work its magic for you.

Why I Love Photo Sessions at Malibu Creek State Park

From an artistic standpoint, Malibu State Park offers some stunning compositional variety. The rolling hills, rocky geographical features, and winding trails allow me to easily rearrange the “canvas.” By photographing from a lower elevation as you walk up, I can position you higher or to the side of the image. Without nerding out on you too much, I can add artistic variety to your portraits through positioning.

Your pictures will look like BRIDES meets National Geographic. The subtle seasonal colors, wind movement, and natural textures add beautiful natural touches and striking dimensions without overwhelming your portraits. You’re still the stars of the show against this earthy backdrop! Plus, neutral earth tones compliment almost all colors and styles. You don’t have to worry about coordinating your outfit with the setting (but maybe stay away from wheat-colored attire because you’ll blend into the grass).

Why You’ll Love Your Session at Malibu Creek State Park

Ok, so Malibu Creek State Park is great for pictures, but is it the location for you? If you love the rocky Santa Monica mountains and have a penchant for adventure, this state park deserves a spot at the top of your list. Just six miles from Malibu beaches and about 30 minutes from Los Angeles, this rugged park is centrally located and easy to get to with plenty of parking. So, if you want a combo of beachy bridals and rugged mountain couple’s portraits, Malibu Creek Park makes it possible to get both!

Golden Hour Couple’s Sesh at Malibu Creek

Alexis and Jennings wanted to update their photos together, and they loved the idea of Malibu Creek couple’s session where they could explore and be themselves without too many onlookers. It was freezing, but they were awesome, and you would never suspect it by looking at their photos. These two were down for changing up the scenery and using different spaces throughout the park.

Note: Malibu State Park also features several beautiful rock pools we can play around with during the warmer months. However, it was a bit too chilly for this session.

When the weather is nice, the park tends to get a little crowded on the trails during the golden hour when people are trying to catch the sunset over the mountains. But there are still so many places to work around tourists for amazing sun-kissed images like these. We ended up with so many great images that I used a few to play with mountainscape reflections and create a few custom designs with their photos.

Note: If you let me know what look you want and your vision for the artwork—such as a mantel or headboard piece—I’d love to help you create artistic portraits like these for wall art, prints, albums, etc.!

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Malibu Creek State Park Engagement Photos // Los Angeles Photographer

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