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Museum Campus Surprise Chicago Proposal

Museum Campus Surprise Chicago Proposal. I am super excited to be sharing this surprise proposal in this blog post! Specifically because I actually know Alex from attended college together! We used to hang out at college parties together so it’s crazy how everything comes in full circle. I was super excited when he reached out to me for this proposal not only because it was reconnecting with an old friend, but of course the fact that he thought of me to capture such a special & intimate moment!

Surprise Chicago Proposal at Museum Campus

When Alex reached out to me he wasn’t sure at first what to do, but knew that I he wanted to work with me. He was super accommodating and actually wanted to work with MY schedule (which let’s talk about DREAM client over here)! He knew that he wanted to propose somewhere where it meant a lot for him and Amber, his now fiancĂ©. We ended up choosing Museum Campus as the perfect proposal spot.

Amber and Alex are high school sweethearts and used to hang out at Museum Campus all the time. They would go out, have picnics and go on walks together so it just seemed like the most perfect place. Alex even had a spot chosen out on where he would do the proposal. After deciding the ultimate proposal location, we finally got to work! Alex was so nervous but it ended up being one of the cutest proposals that I ever shot. After popping the question, it was as if love was just radiating off of the both of them. Amber cried and was just so excited and completely off guard by this whole master plan.

After the initial proposal, Alex walked over to the grassy area to where he had surprised Amber with a picnic! The picnic was filled with all of their favorite things. Snacks like Dr.Pepper, Funyuns and of course champagne! He essentially recreated the picnics they used to go on together (ugh, so cute!!). We then took a few photos with the views of the Chicago skyline in the back and then I left to let them enjoy and celebrate! I can not express to you how much of a blast this whole process was. It was such a perfect day and I couldn’t have been more happy for them and can’t wait to see their plans for the wedding!

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Museum Campus Surprise Chicago Proposal

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