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North Ave Beach Surprise Proposal

North Ave Beach Surprise Proposal. Back in October, Zach reached out to me because he knew that he wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Samantha. It just so happened to work out that he was going to propose on Halloween and that’s exactly what happened!

North Ave Beach Surprise Proposal

It was a beautiful fall day in Chicago on Halloween and it was almost sunset. Zach had said that Samantha was a fan of my work which is why he had reached out – I was so excited!! After sneaking around for a bit, Zach had went down on one knee and proposed to Samantha in front of the Chicago Skyline. She was super excited and was crying and it seriously was so much fun! Golden hour had just hit so we were able to walk down North Ave Beach and got some stunning shots. We got some photos of the engagement ring and them being so madly in love.

Being there for Zach to propose was an absolute dream!!! I love being able to walk around with my couples and capture moments after a proposal. You’re able to capture their emotions after such an intimate and special moment. With that being said, I do think it’s important to take your engagement photos with your wedding photographer. You are able to get to know your photographer a bit more before the wedding and also get more comfortable in front of the camera.

Planning Process

Planning a proposal can seem like a scary task but I am there every step of the way. Usually when someone reaches out to me, I will hop on the phone with them and go over their plans. We will usually figure out if they want to have a more private or public proposal as well! We also talk about what time of day and what kind of vibes they are going for during the proposal. I am always there to help figure out a plan and I even have people share their location with me so that I know when they are approaching! We are able to be pretty sneaky and have the most pure and amazing reactions. It can be weird at first when you are hiding this big secret from your partner, but the reactions are 100% WORTH IT!

Overall, this session was pure magic! I love being able to capture such special moments and surprise loved ones with proposals. Congratulations to Zach and Samantha, I am so excited for you both and am honored that I was able to capture this special moment for you.

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North Ave Beach Surprise Proposal

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