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Chicago Bar Engagement Session

Chicago Bar Engagement Session

Chicago Bar Engagement Session – Christine and Lexie are the kind of couple that can make everything and anything fun. So when they reached out to shoot their engagement session, I couldn’t have been more thrilled! It was then time to figure out where they wanted their engagement session. They wanted something unique, fun and that represented them. Turns out that this magical place was a bar arcade, somewhere they both frequently visited.

Christine and Lexie have been going to Replay for the longest time. Replay is a bar arcade where you are able to enjoy great beer while playing your favorite classic games. It is something that they both absolutely love doing together. In fact, Christine loves it so much that she basically plays pinball professionally in official pinball leagues here in Chicago! Christine actually knows the owners of Replay, so we were able to get in early and snag some shots while no one was there.

It’s actually a super funny coincidence that they chose Replay to have their engagement session. Replay is actually one of the places that me and my boyfriend, Jake, spent a lot of our time in college! Knowing that, it made me so excited and inspired to shoot there – I had so many ideas! I love when engagement sessions are at locations that are meaningful to my couples. It seriously makes it so much fun and that much more special! Christine and Lexie going back to a place where they spent so much time getting to know each other really just shows the significance Replay had on their relationship!

Replay is also a great Chicago bar to shoot at because of all the different color throughout the space. I love being able to play around with lighting to make something so magical.


After we finished at Replay, we headed over to Andersonville. It was there that we took more photos and could really embrace the fall weather. Down the streets you could see the foliage of the fall leaves and it was the prettiest scenery ever. We headed down some cool side streets and even went into a fun antique store, the Woolly Mammoth Chicago.

Lifestyle engagement sessions are seriously some of my favorites because it truly lets your personalities shine through. You are able to relive amazing memories with your partner and make it all the more special. Overall, I had a blast shooting this really fun engagement session at one of Christine & Lexie’s favorite Chicago bars. I’m so honored that I was able to be there for Christine and Lexie and capture this special moment for them.

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Chicago Bar Engagement Session

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