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Elegant First Look + Bridal Portraits in Downtown Chicago

First Look + Bridal Portraits in Downtown Chicago

Elegant First Look + Bridal Portraits in Downtown Chicago. When Lindsey reached out to me, she said she and Ben wanted to take her wedding portraits in the city. Of course, I just HAD to do it!!

Lindsey and Ben actually had their wedding re-scheduled for the next day due to the pandemic. So when they reached out I couldn’t have been more thrilled!! They really wanted some bridal portraits in the city and I just so happened to have had the Friday before their wedding available. So it worked out PERFECTLY!

First, we had their first look right outside of the Chicago Board of Trade and it was just magical. We made sure to also snag some shots in front of the golden door as well. To this day, I am still obsessing over Lindsey’s dress – it was so GORGEOUS!! She also had these blue shoes that stuck out from underneath her dress that were so striking. They were the perfect pair with Ben’s blue blazer.

After, we made our way to the middle of the street to capture some fun bridal portraits. Since this was happening in the middle of the pandemic, no one was really out on the streets. It was so much fun for us to be able to run around the street and not really have to worry about the usual traffic.

Then, we surprised Lindsey with a vintage car for their session. They got inside their vintage car as I followed and we all drove to a random street that we felt fit the vibe of the car. We then pulled into a parking lot, dropped off the car and made sure we had a tenant watch the car for us while we took a few more photos.

North Ave Beach

Finally, we drove over to North Ave Beach where we finished off their session. It was such a fun session and I am so happy that they decided to do their bridal portraits before their wedding day. We were able to have so much fun and go to all these different locations which you never would have time to do on your actual wedding day! It really made things super easy and relaxed! Our main goal was to take some incredibly epic photos which I think we TOTALLY got!

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Elegant First Look + Bridal Portraits in Downtown Chicago

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