Wedding Day Emergency Kit for Couples & Wedding Photographers

Whether you’re prepping for your wedding day or getting into the wedding photography biz, I’m happy to share my curated a Wedding Day Emergency Kit with you! This comprehensive list of must-have items fits almost every wedding style and weather situation. As a wedding photographer who shoots all over the nation and beyond, I reach for these items time and time again. In a pinch, they’re sure to fix any snafus to keep the wedding day rolling as planned! You can find my full Wedding Day Emergency Kit on Amazon.

Wedding Day Emergency Kit
Wedding Day Emergency Kit
Wedding Day Emergency Kit
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Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Wedding Day Must-Haves:

1) Sewing Kit

If you bring an umbrella, the rain stays away. If you bring a sewing kit, all attire will stay intact, right? Well in the instance we run into a clothing snafu, a small emergency sewing kit will ensure we have what we need to sew it back up!  

Make sure the kit has both light and dark neutral-toned thread options and a needle or two. Plus, add in a small pair of scissors, light and dark buttons, multi-sized safety pins, and straight pins for boutonnieres as well.   

**This is at the top of the list for a reason: Outside of my camera and gear, I have used a sewing kit more than anything else. 

2) Hair Ties + Bobby Pins (and comb)

Bring options for both light and dark hair. A comb can be used to tuck baby hairs and flyaways back in if need be.

3) Advil (travel size) 

You might also include any other meds you (or a wedding party member) might need for cramps, upset stomach, etc.

4) Tide-to-Go Pen

These suckers are magic! They can get almost any small stain out if you apply it right away, and it doesn’t leave large wet spot or watermark afterward.

5) White Chalk or Baby Wipes 

These work wonders for removing stains, marks, and smudges from white dresses.

6) Dental Flossers

I’ll let ya know if you need them 😉—and these are far more convenient and inconspicuous than traditional floss.

7) Makeup Wipes

These are great for the end of the day, but they also work well if we need to redo makeup in a pinch. Sometimes you just need to wipe that spot and start over rather than add another layer.

8) First Aid Kit 

Because accidents do happen now and then… It’s best to be prepared. Discreet Bandaids that fit fingers are a must since small cuts are the most common issue.

9) Lash Glue

So we can reattach your lush lashes if necessary.

10) Eye Drops

Even if you don’t wear contacts, eye drops are another often-used item. From eye makeup to windy walks, you don’t want to be dealing with scratchy, irritated eyes all day.

Wedding Day Emergency Kit
Wedding Day Emergency Kit
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Wedding Day Emergency Kit
Wedding Day Emergency Kit
Wedding Day Emergency Kit

11) Oil Blotters 

If you don’t typically wear makeup (or maybe that brand of makeup), oil blotting sheets will keep your face free of shine and help your makeup last longer, too.

12) Q Tips

These small-but-mighty staples have SO many uses—fix makeup, clean small stains on shoes, touching up nail polish, etc.

13) Boutonniere Pins & Safety Pins

These are listed in your sewing kit, too, but I want to make sure you see them! I recommend multiple sizes for different uses.

14) Scotch Tape

I find myself using basic tape all the time too for random things like labeling dresses, taping up signs, keeping things in place and securing items on a windy day, or positioning photos in frames for your décor. Name brand it ideal since the quality is more reliable.

16) Small Mirror

A small mirror is also requested more times than I can count! Check your reflection on the go, remove an eyelash, fix stray hairs, touchup makeup, check the back of your dress…the uses are endless.

17) Fashion Tape

This flexible, non-irritating double-sided tape helps keep clothing in place. It’s gentle enough to apply to skin and strong enough for fabric. It helps to prevent awkward wardrobe malfunctions and keep things where you want them.

18) Mints

Yes, mints—NO gum, please. Gum can be seen in photos and it can ruin video footage. This applies to the entire wedding party and family members who will be in photos and film as well. Plus, mints tend to be more effective for fresh breath anyway.

19) Aux Cord & Dongle Cable

A standard aux cord and cable can help with most technology issues and connection needs, especially if you need to connect your phone to your car, speakers, or other piece of technology. The dongle is the adapter that allows you to plug into a slot or port. With so many different plugs and adapters, this helps ensure compatibility between phones, laptops, and other pieces of technology.

20) Nail Kit

Whether you have shellac, dip powder, gels, polish, or natural nails, a nail kit can offer a quick fix for paint chips, hangnails, broken nails, and the like.

21) Deodorant 

Enough said… Forgetting deodorant is the worst!

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Wedding Day Emergency Kit
Wedding Day Emergency Kit
Wedding Day Emergency Kit
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Items for Weather Scenarios (where applicable):

1) Heel Stoppers

Bring these along for outdoor weddings, especially locations with grass, dirt, gravel, mud, etc. These will protect your shoes and keep you from slipping, sliding, and sinking.

2) Hot Hands

It’s hard to enjoy taking photos when you’re freezing. I have a few tricks and tips up my sleeve to make it as bearable (and photogenic) as possible, but these cozy packs can help minimize the chill.

3) Clear Umbrellas 

If there is even a slight chance for rain, grab an umbrella (or as many as you need for your wedding party).  If it doesn’t rain, return them via Amazon Prime. And if it does, these provide a cute extra little gift for your wedding party and you two! 

I only recommend clear umbrellas for photos because light goes through them. Umbrellas that are colored or black allow little to no light shine through, so your faces will have shadows—not ideal for photos. Meanwhile, colored umbrellas create a color cast on your face—also not ideal. Clear umbrellas are so cute in photos without detracting from the people or the moment.

4) Rain Poncho 

Don’t you love the idea of throwing a poncho over your wedding attire? Ok, so I don’t actually recommend these to wear. Instead, I like to place a clear plastic poncho under your dress (especially if you have a long train) to keep it clean. The clear poncho is easily hidden beneath your dress. Although it appears to touch the ground in photos, it never does!

5) Portable Fan 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, having a portable fan in your wedding day emergency kit is great for hot days! It helps minimize sweat and keeps you from overheating in your wedding attire.

Wedding Day Emergency Kit
Hanna Walkowaik Photography; LA weddings
Wedding Day Emergency Kit
Wedding Day Emergency Kit
Wedding Day Emergency Kit

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I hope you find this Wedding Day Emergency Kit helpful! Connect with me to start planning–and photographing–the wedding of your dreams. I am a Los Angeles-based wedding photographer who loves to travel! Find more inspiration on Instagram @hannawalkowaik.





Wedding Day Emergency Kit for Couples & Wedding Photographers

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