snowy night shot at wedding reception in michigan


Winter Micro Wedding in Michigan

Winter Micro Wedding in Michigan

Destination weddings are a favorite of mine! What’s not to love? Travel, adventure, a chance to explore all kinds of new shooting locations! Here is a winter micro wedding in Detroit, Michigan!

Emily and Steven got married in Detroit on 2/1/2020, right before Covid hit with all its restrictions. Emily and Steven had already planned a gorgeous, intimate micro wedding, with less than 50 guests. Micro weddings, as we’ve all discovered this year, are unique and special, and offer a simple intimacy. 

They had a perfect snowy February day! They got ready at their hotel, the Westin Book Cadillac Detroit and I absolutely loved the lighting and ambiance there! We popped some champagne with the bride and her crew and took some portraits and loved seeing mom help Emily with her dress, always a very poignant moment to capture. Meanwhile, Steven was doing the same in his own room. Jake was my second shooter that day, and he always does such a great job. 

We got them ready and headed to their first look- this gorgeous, classic room was just standing open and empty in the hotel and made the perfect first look spot! Of course when I saw the crazy beautiful windows, I HAD to take these glamour shots of Emily! 

Then we grabbed the wedding party and went off to portrait locations! Funny story, we were on the top of Michigan, so those buildings you see in the background? They are actually in Canada!  And don’t let them fool you, it was FREEZING out, remember it was snowing earlier! Emily and Steven and their crew were all such troopers! We went all around, grabbing shots at different locations!  As we headed to the ceremony venue through downtown Detroit, the snow started to come down like crazy and we jumped out of the car for a few snowy city portraits. Then off to the ceremony! Everyone was partying in the limo and having such a great time.

We got to the Greenhouse – Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory – and did a few more wedding party shots and some more portraits of Emily and Steven, because, I mean, LOOK at this place!! It’s amazing!

Then it was time for the ceremony and it was one of those ceremonies where it just seemed like everything was perfect- perfect words spoken, perfect length, perfect amount of guests… it was just so lovely! And then! We did the first dance right there in the greenhouse! Could anything be more perfect? So beautiful and romantic, I just loved the lighting and the colors and, I don’t know if you know this, but I’m a big plant person, so I was kinda in my happy place!  Finally we headed off to a restaurant for a huge and delicious dinner full of speeches, cake and laughs.  Then, as always I took my wedding couple outside for some amazing night portraits! 

Congratulations Emily and Steven! Thank you for letting me share in your BEAUTIFUL day! Emily + Steven Detroit Engagement Session!





Winter Micro Wedding in Michigan

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