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9 Swoon-worthy Wedding Trends You’ll Love

Anne and Seamus are as trendy as it gets in 2022. I cannot gush about their wedding enough! From the images I captured of Anne enjoying some bubbly under the chandelier in the charming clawfoot tub, to the intimate rooftop dance in the dark (SWOON), every photo opportunity they provided had my photographer heart fluttering. They weren’t afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves, and I love every minute of it. I can’t wait for you to see all the creative shots and wedding trends we were able to capture on their wedding day.

If you’re wondering how to level up your wedding this year (we’re all ready to get our celebration on with the pandemic mostly behind us), check out these 9 photogenic wedding trends I think you’ll love.

Direct Flash

I have been using direct flash for years, and I am so glad that it is one of the biggest wedding trends in the industry right now. The world is finally getting to see there is so much beauty in a night shoot or a dark venue (if photographed correctly). Night photography is one of my specialties, and I love the emphasis you can create with shadows, lines, and spotlights.

Getting Ready Together

I know this isn’t NEW, but I think the wedding party getting ready together is the best (and sometimes only) time for the couple to genuinely interact with their wedding party before the events of the day take off running. The couple chose these people to stand by them on their most important day, it’s a priority of mine to document their relationship to the couple. 


Gone are the days of sticking to a color scheme for a wedding! The splash of different colors in different places is so refreshing to see. I can’t wait to see how colorful the coming season will be. 

Ample Dance Floor Coverage

Chances are wedding guests don’t get the opportunity to dance often (‘cuz you know, life). The progression of photos on the dance floor directly correlates to how great your music and drinks were. Getting photos of people getting down on the dance floor is a must! You’d be amazed at how often I see the elder (ahem ‘wiser’) guests getting their groove on, and it’s priceless!

Night Portraits

Can you tell I love direct flash? I didn’t technically put it on the list twice, but I would like to reiterate how breathtaking portraits in the dark can be if a photographer knows how to use light to capture the moments properly. 

Editorial OR Lifestyle Engagement Sessions 

I love doing them because they are little previews of the couples and the biggest wedding trends right now are Editorial and Lifestyle sessions.  

Editorial—These are more like a production! Wardrobe and location are important in the overall impact of the photos. I would love for you to create magazine-worthy art with me!

Lifestyle—On the opposite end of the spectrum, lifestyle photos involve you home (or a vacation rental) and comfy clothes. Or maybe a bar or restaurant you frequent, a trip to the dog park together. Imagine sitting somewhere in your normal day to day and a photographer sneaks in and takes adorable photos of you living life together.

Champagne Towers

Who doesn’t love a tower of champagne glasses full of some bubbly? If one thing has stayed from the Gatsby/Roaring 20s theme, it is this. I’m not sure if ANYONE is mad about it sticking around—I know I am not. It photographs beautifully! It can also replace the cake cutting, for all those couples that aren’t so into cake!

Blurry Nostalgic Photos

Have you seen those photos you took when you were in your teens lately? The quality isn’t great but the blurry feel of them just brings back all the warm and fuzzy feelings from your youth—there’s a certain vitality to them. Blurring a few (keyword: few) candid action shots for weddings is trending right now, and it is a fun technique for us to play with and bring more artistic variety to your photos.


Blurry nostalgic photos are the perfect transition over to film. Yes. Like the ones your mom still has in that little pocket in all the envelopes of pictures she has of your childhood. More and more couples are leaning toward photographers that use a combination of film and digital (like yours truly) to capture their day. The work that goes into developing the photos is art. 

Calling All Trendsetters! 

Do any of these wedding trends speak to you? Let me know what you’re envisioning for your wedding day! Connect with me to get started. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @hannawalkowaik for more wedding tips and inspiration.

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9 Swoon-worthy Wedding Trends You’ll Love

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