4 Epic Honeymoon Ideas for Incredible Photos

You document the surprise proposal, engagement, and wedding, but what about the honeymoon? Or your anniversaries? Don’t worry, I’m not going to tag along. BUT I can come for a day so that you document the continuing chapters of your lives together. After the wedding, you’ll embark on a new and exciting journey hand-in-hand. It deserves more than tilted selfies and quick pics from by-standing tourists. When it’s just the two of you, it’s almost impossible to get action shots of your excursions.

There are quite a few perks to a honeymoon session! As magical as the wedding day is, there’s often a bit of relief that comes with the honeymoon. You’re free to breathe and let loose without the pressure of life, work, and wedding planning! That feeling translates to your photos as well. Honeymoon sessions tend to have the most free-spirited, playful, and flirty vibe.

Why Hire Your Wedding Photographer for Honeymoon Photos & More?

The benefit of hiring your wedding photographer for a honeymoon, anniversary, or destination photoshoot is that you can maintain a cohesive style in your photos. If you want to create albums or wall art with a mix of engagement, wedding, and honeymoon photos, they’ll all share a similar aesthetic and style. Your gallery wall won’t look fragmented. Most couples like to have some adventurous “real-life” photographs to display alongside their wedding photos.

Now the question is: what do you want to do for your session?

Tayler and Adam have been clients of mine for years (she is also a phenomenal photographer at Tayler Dumas Photography). Their plans for a destination engagement fell through, but we didn’t give up on their idea! Instead, they booked this gorgeous destination anniversary session in sunny Florida! Whether you’re planning an anniversary getaway like Tayler and Adam, or you just tied the knot, I’ve got a few destination session and honeymoon ideas I think you’ll love!

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4 Honeymoon Ideas that are Pure Photo Magic

Sunrise Hike / Walk on the Beach

Are you surprised I didn’t say sunset? That’s a given. Sunset pictures are always gorgeous. But I’m just as in love with sunrise photos! The sun is a bit “lighter,” for lack of better words. It just has a crisp and lively feel to it. Plus, the morning hours are not so hot if you’re honeymooning in the warmer months. The trails and beach are typically less crowded in the morning, so we have more freedom and space to spread out.


Book an excursion and let me be your private photographer to document the fun. (If the activity allows. I probably can’t photograph your scuba adventure, but I’m down for most things! Check out this dreamy sailboat session). Whether you’re learning to surf, kayaking an alpine lake, or taking dance lessons, trying something new together often lends itself to great candid shots with tons of laughs, bloopers, and “aha!” moments when you get the hang of it. We’ll be sure to photograph a few private moments between you, too.

Breakfast in Bed

Love lifestyle sessions? Try a cozy “at home” session in your room. Get into something comfortable (and cute), and have mimosas or coffee. These lovelies booked a rental for a staycation and photoshoot, and I’m in love with how it turned out! This studio engagement gives off similar vibes. Bonus: you don’t have to clean your home to do it! Intimate session, zero hassle.

Nightlife Session

From dinner and drinks to dancing the night away, capturing a night out on the town (or the resort) is my specialty! I enjoy interesting lighting situations, and I promise you’ll get a really cool editorial glam look from it. Night photos tend to be bold and dramatic with that “wow” factor you see in Vogue. If you’ve never done a session like this, I can’t think of a better time than on your honeymoon! Check out this NYC night session to see what I mean.

Walk this Way for More Walkowaik Inspiration!

What can I say? I’m a sucker for love. Whatever you envision for your engagement, wedding, or honeymoon, I’ll do everything I can to make it happen, including more honeymoon ideas! You deserve that romantic movie magic—and more! Browse the Blog and Instagram @hannawalkowaik for ideas, inspiration, tips, and more.

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4 Epic Honeymoon Ideas for Incredible Photos

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