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Arcade Engagement Photos

While shooting engagement sessions, my main priority is to make sure that they feel like YOU! Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the traditional setting of engagement sessions. On the other hand though, I always like to have my couples think outside of the box. That’s why for Michelle and Katie’s arcade engagement photos we really wanted something that spoke true to them.

Arcade Engagement Photos

For Michelle and Katie’s engagement session, they really wanted to do something that was sentimental to them both. While they enjoy doing a lot of things together the most fun that they have is at their local arcade, Yetee Station! This arcade has so many choices for games it almost gets overwhelming at times. Nonetheless, I was more than excited to explore this location and be there for Michelle and Katie.

Michelle and Katie were able to rent out the entire space, so we really got to play around with the space and just have fun with it. The front of the arcade has beautiful large windows so we got some gorgeous natural light that we got to play around with for start. The arcade was filled with so much character and art and was truly a unique space. The arcade games are so vibrant and all so different that really the location got to speak for itself. Since we were in an arcade, naturally I had Michelle and Katie play some games while we were there.

Next, went outside and continued to play around with the beautiful sunlight that so graciously came out on this day. Sometimes when it comes to the sun it can be a photographers worst nightmare. While many people think sun is great, direct light can cast many shadows. However, sunlight does gives us an opportunity to play around with shadows which can always be fun. Before arriving to their arcade engagement session, I drove around the area to location scout. I always like to scout areas prior to sessions just to make sure I’m fully prepared. Checking for things like lighting, art, locations nearby, etc. While scoping out the area I noticed this cool alley next to the arcade that I took M+K to.

Lifestyle Engagement Photos

During these lifestyle engagement sessions, I really try to make my couples as comfortable as possible. For many people your engagement photos are the first time getting professional photos taken. This can be scary and nerve-wracking but also exciting. I really try to have my couples think about things that they enjoy doing together. Throughout the years that I’ve been doing photography, I have learned that while many couples want pretty photos they also want character. They want to be able to look back on their engagement photos and relive special memories. Whenever couples inquire with me about their engagement photos I love asking them questions like what they enjoy doing together. This helps spark ideas for locations that I’ve never been before, but also having locations that mean something to them and their love story.

I had such a fun time with Michelle and Katie and taking these beautiful Arcade Engagement Photos for them. I am even more excited to be able to capture their wedding at The Haight in 2022! If you’re looking for a sign to book your engagement photos at a fun and cool location – THIS IS IT!

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Arcade Engagement Photos

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