Board of Trade Engagement Photos in Chicago

Board of Trade Engagement Photos in Chicago

Kate and Jesse’s Board of Trade Engagement Photos in Chicago. Of course, the session started off at the Board of Trade. It is such a classic, iconic Chicago location and really very elegant and classy. It is in sooo many movies!! The area took on even more of a museum-like quality due to the fact  that this was shot during Covid times. The streets and sidewalks were eerily empty of cars and people! I love going both directions on the street, so many gorgeous backgrounds— I love the golden doors, the sidewalk, and even the train just half a block down!! 

We wandered around and found this really cool random side street that just had the best Chicago views and also gave off these really kind of New York-ish vibes. 

Then—surprise and YAY!!— their adorable pup Finn joined the shoot! I totally love animals and it’s just a favorite thing for me when pets get included in your shoot!! NEVER hesitate to ask me if your pets can join in the fun!

Here are a few ideas to make it work well: Plan on having your pets involved for only a short portion of your shoot. It can get distracting and hard to focus on each other if your pet needs attention. Have a friend standing by to take care of your baby when his/her close-up is over. Or have someone whisk your pet away and home afterwards. Of course if we happen to be shooting close to your home, we can can make a quick pet pit stop there to get a few shots! But back to Finn!!! He was amazing, check out the shot where he balanced the ring on his nose!! 

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Board of Trade Engagement Photos in Chicago

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