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City Hall Elopement in Chicago – Chicago Elopement Photographer

City Hall Elopement in Chicago – Chicago Elopement Photographer. A few months back in the Fall I had shot Lisa & Adam’s engagement photos. They knew that they wanted to do something small but wasn’t exactly sure what. At first they were first debating going to Hawaii. However, due to the pandemic and Chicago traveling restrictions it wasn’t a sure thing yet. In the end, they decided to have a beautiful elopement down at the Chicago City Hall.

For an elopement at Chicago City Hall, all you have to do is make an appointment and book a day 60 days out and that’s exactly what Lisa & Adam did! They wanted to move far enough out so that Adam could get a custom made suit and Lisa could get a dress & flowers for their special day.

Chicago City Hall Elopement

First we met at their apartment which fun fact, is where we did their engagement photos too! Lisa & Adam had opened a bottle of champagne and did a few more casual lifestyle photos at their place. Next, we made our way towards City Hall which is located in Downtown Chicago. We had to walk a bit through several different loops in order to get there. Due to the pandemic things were a little bit crazy but we made it in one piece! We arrived at City Hall and it was so much fun! City Hall is normally this dark dungeon looking room which isn’t always the best for photos. Due to the pandemic though, we had access to this giant wooden court house space which was so incredibly pretty. It was kind of a cool experience since we got to go to such a cool space within City Hall.

After getting married, the court room was located on a super high floor so skyline photos were a MUST! There were large windows overlooking the tall sky rises & other buildings of Chicago in the background which were SO beautiful. Of course after these photos, we headed over to the front entrance of the building because we HAD to take some wedding portraits in front of the City Hall sign.

Café Brauer

After that we traveled to a bunch of different locations throughout Downtown Chicago trying to catch that Chicago skyline view. It was raining so we did have some difficulty trying to capture the skyline, nonetheless we still were able to get some amazing shots. Lisa & Adam were such troopers through such gloomy weather but were really down to try anything which I always love. Although all of the wedding portraits came out amazing, one of my favorite shots was the champagne shot right in front of Café Brauer.

Piece Brewery & Pizzeria

To end the day, they ended up grabbing a pizza from Piece Brewery & Pizzeria in Wicker Park, Chicago. After grabbing their delicious pizza we headed back to their apartment. This was the perfect ending to a beautiful and fun elopement day for Lisa & Adam. If you’re unsure if you want a large wedding or not, elopements are a perfect option. You are able to have something much more laidback and casual while still being able to get your dream photos. What’s important is being able to celebrate this special day with you and your partner rather than always trying to have the biggest, largest wedding you can have.

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City Hall Elopement in Chicago – Chicago Elopement Photographer

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