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Kinzie Bridge Chicago Engagement Session

Kinzie Bridge Chicago Engagement Session. Whitney and John contacted me to shoot their engagement session and I couldn’t have been more thrilled! They chose a day in November, when at the time we were worried that it would be too cold. However, Chicago pulled through and on the day of their engagement session Chicago reached almost 70 degrees!!! The sun was shining, the weather was beautiful and it couldn’t have been more perfect. There was even reminiscence of fall foliage on the trees which in Chicago during this time was a miracle!

Kinzie Street Bridge in Chicago

We started their engagement session first at the Kinzie Bridge here in Chicago. We took some photos on the bridge and even took to the road to get some amazing shots! One of my favorite parts about shooting at the bridge is not only the bridge itself, but the cool grungy areas around it as well. We walked around and took some shots across this incredibly beautiful vine wall, which was stunning! Then we went under the train bridge which looked so amazing and stunning with all of the orange tones. We even took the time to head over to an empty parking lot and played around with golden hour, because why not??

Lincoln Park

For the second half of their engagement session, we headed over to Lincoln Park. We wanted to incorporate more nature and greenery while also having city life peek through too! To be honest, it was kind of dead at the park but it kind of made the photos come out really cool. There was a lot of orange tones combined with the EPIC golden hour, it couldn’t have been more perfect.

Of course we had to finish of their engagement session with a bottle of champagne! Whitney and John not only brought one bottle of champagne, but TWO! This get’s them the most epic shot of both of them popping bottles of champagne at the same time, which is always my suggestion. Overall, they had the most amazing engagement session and I couldn’t have been more excited and happy to have worked with both of them and create some amazing memories.

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Kinzie Bridge Chicago Engagement Session

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