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Snowy Chicago Winter Wedding

Snowy Chicago Winter Wedding. Denise & Dustin truly made the most of their wedding day and despite getting married in the middle of a global pandemic, it still was just as magical.

Denise & Dustin had their snowy Chicago winter wedding at St. Benedict’s Parish here in Chicago. The interior of the church was just stunning and filled with beautiful decorations and so much light. They really wanted to see each other prior to their ceremony so we decided to set up a first look right outside of the church. It couldn’t have been more dreamy and their reactions were priceless. I think churches are beautiful on their own but add in the snowy Chicago vibes on this February day, it was even better. Denise’s hair & makeup looked absolutely amazing, thanks to Kiley from Blowout Junkie. Paired with her incredibly stunning dress, it was the perfect combination.

Snowy Chicago Winter Wedding

After their first look, they got ready and went right into the church for their ceremony. Since their wedding was in the middle of the pandemic, in Chicago they did wear masks for majority of their ceremony. Once it was time for their vows however, they were able to take their masks off and see their smiling faces looking at each other. Also, they actually had forgotten the ring!!! There was a big moment of laughter as soon as they realized they had forgotten the ring but everything was just fine and the show went on. They kissed and walked out of the ceremony and it was absolutely perfect.

Some of my favorite shots to capture is the couple inside of the church after their ceremony. Since many churches have wonderful lighting and architecture I want to fully utilize everything that they have to offer. I feel not enough people utilize their amazing art, lighting and decorations for photos so I wanted to take advantage of everything that they had. At the end we took some beautiful photos of them exiting the church. Everyone who attended was holding streamers as they were exiting and it was just so much fun!!

Winter Wedding Portraits

After their ceremony, we went all throughout Chicago for their wedding portraits. It was so amazing and fun and we were able to capture such amazing snowy moments. We stopped off at the Wrigley Building, The Chicago Theatre and Board of Trade. It was a BLIZZARD throughout their photos, but they were such troopers. We got the most dreamiest Chicago pictures that I have ever seen. Especially in front of the Chicago Theatre, you can see how much it was snowing!

We ended their wedding day by popping and drinking a bottle of champagne in the middle of the Chicago streets. Denise & Dustin looked like absolute models throughout these photos and I couldn’t believe how fun it was. Thanks to Denise & Dustin for being down to take photos in the snow, it was amazing, unforgettable and truly EPIC!

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Photography: Hanna Walkowaik Photography

Hair & Makeup: Blowout Junkie

Ceremony Site: St. Benedict Parish





Snowy Chicago Winter Wedding

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