SoCal Wedding Venue Spotlight: Villa Del Sol D’Oro

When you know, you know. And Phil and Melissa knew right from the start that the spark between them was something special. Soon, they were standing across the aisle from each other ready to say, “I do!” at their dreamy SoCal wedding.

But first things first. They needed a truly magical venue to host such a wonderful celebration surrounded by friends, family, and their beloved four-legged companions. If you can’t take everyone to Italy, bring Italy to them! You can easily get lost in your search for southern California wedding venues—there are just so many great options!—but if you love the idea of a dazzling evening in Tuscany, Villa del Sol d’Oro has you covered.

In fact, this residential mansion-turned-venue was designed as a scaled “replica of the Villa Collazzi near Florence rumored to have been designed by Michelangelo.” Over the years, the breathtaking venue has been featured in various TV shows and movies like Bones, Beverly Hills 90210, Legally Blonde, The Princess Diaries, and more. You can read more the historical venue’s story here.

Translated, the venue’s name aptly means “villa of the golden sun.” One glimpse at these glowing wedding portraits provides proof of that. I couldn’t get enough of the golden streams of light pouring through the trees during their ceremony. Villa Del Sol d’Oro takes the term “golden hour” to a new level!

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About Villa del Sol d’Oro // Venue Aesthetic

The ceremony location on the lawn boasts surreal views of the gardens and San Gabriel Mountains. (And check out that first look. As a wedding photographer, I live for all-in emotional moments like that! Yes, they had me reaching for the tissues.)

In addition, Villa del Sol d’Oro features a lovely string-lit courtyard that’s perfect for a full reception or cocktail hour. Inside, the architectural details are just as stunning. Elaborate wrought-iron railings, curved staircases, and floor-to-ceiling library provide an elegant space for couple’s portraits and indoor receptions.

With portraits in mind, one room is painted a gorgeous teal shade that contrasts so well with the lighter wooden accents and white furniture and walls. Bridal portraits look amazing in this room!

Inside, glass French doors open up to a balcony and large terrace. I especially love the balcony because it allows me to get a bird-eye angle for photos. I can capture full views of the ceremony and reception from above.

Villa del Sol d’Oro // Wedding Packages

To see if Villa del Sol d’Oro is the right SoCal wedding venue for you, here are a few quick details:

What is the max wedding guest capacity at Villa del Sol d’Oro?

The max guest capacity is 200 standing, 150 for a seated dinner.

Does the venue offer event catering?

Villa del Sol d’Oro does not offer in-house catering; but you can select a caterer from three of their vendor partners. Each caterer will provide tastings and samples to help you pick the right meal options for your wedding.

Does Villa del Sol d’Oro offer all-inclusive wedding packages?

No, you or your planner can select your preferred SoCal wedding vendors and professionals.

Does the venue have time restrictions on events?

Yes, because the venue is in a quiet residential neighborhood, weddings must conclude by 9:30pm Friday and Saturday and 8:00pm Sunday through Thursday.

Is event parking available?

Yes, your venue rental includes the Michillinda Avenue parking lot.

Does the venue have wedding party dressing rooms?

Yes, the upstairs portion of the venue is reserved as a wedding suite with separate dressing rooms/restrooms for each party.

Have a few more questions?

I’m happy to help! Get in touch with me here to learn more about this SoCal wedding venue and book your 2023 wedding.