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Tom Ping Park Engagement Photos

Tom Ping Park Engagement Photos. It was a beautiful fall day and I decided to take to Instagram to scout for anybody interested in Tom Ping as I have always wanted to shoot there!! The first person to respond who was interested would get their engagement photos done for free! Carly and Patrick were the ones who responded and I was so excited to work with them! The session turned out to be so fun and such a blast! They even decided to book with me for their wedding in 2022 at Fairlie Chicago!

First, we started their engagement session all in the comforts of their own home in the West Town area. Their home was absolutely beautiful! It was filled with beautiful art and I even got to meet their adorable pup (even though she was a bit afraid of the camera). After taking some photos in their home, we decided to walk around their neighborhood and take a few shots. Even though it was November, the fall foliage was still in full affect which made beautiful scenery for their engagement photos. Carly had such a awesome outfit on that I absolutely LOVED!!!

Then we ended the first part of their engagement session at Duks Red Hots, this cute vintage looking hotdog stand. We took some really fun shots over there and it seriously was such a blast. I absolutely love engagement sessions where the couple goes to different places that hold special value. It makes engagement sessions all the more fun and special, IMO.

Tom Ping Memorial Park

Next, we went to their second location which was Tom Ping Memorial Park here in Chicago. This was the location that I was SO excited to shoot at. I have never shot an engagement session at Tom Ping Park before! I had done an elopement their recently, but I really wanted to be able to spend time with a couple there and capture all of its beauty. We wanted to be able to move throughout all the locations at Tom Ping Memorial Park which you can’t really do during an elopement.

We moved all throughout the park, capturing all of the different beautiful locations. There was even this beautiful blue and white mural that we shot in front of too! Skyline photos were also a must-have so we made sure to grab some of those as well. I loved shooting as this location because although beautiful as a whole, there are so many amazing and unique spots to pick from. Each photo can really look like you are shooting at completely different locations.

Safe to say, I absolutely loved my first time shooting an engagement session at Tom Ping Park with Carly & Patrick. It turned out so perfectly and better than I could have ever imagined and I definitely will be back. My favorite photos from this session have to be the shots where you see the sky go from sunset to night time. You saw all of the city lights come up and it really did look magical.

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Tom Ping Park Engagement Photos

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