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Grungy Chicago Streets Engagement Session

Grungy Chicago Streets Engagement Session. Felize and Brad are definitely the kind of couple to turn any bad situation into a good one. They originally had their engagement photos set for at a bar that they often frequented. Unfortunately, just days before their engagement session Chicago had announced their second lockdown. Which led us to improvising their engagement session into two different parts! This is part one of their engagement session (part two to be shot when their bar in open once again!)!

First, we started at the “Greetings from Chicago” mural. I absolutely love shooting murals here in Chicago, it brings so much life to any shot. This one specifically is just so fun and cool and really stands out! I also loved both of their outfits and I truly believe that Felize is like THE most fashionable person ever!!

Grungy Chicago Street Engagement

We ran around to a bunch of different grungy looking locations. Running around all over Logan Square and Wicker Park here in Chicago! We took photos in front of random store fronts, train tracks and more murals! It was us trying to make the most out of it and really chase the sun around! Felize had a bunch of inspo pics so we did a bunch of cool poses too! Them holding each other, laying down on the sidewalk, etc. It seriously was SO much fun!!!

Finally, we ended their engagement session walking down the Chicago streets and getting more shots in front of the train and train tracks. It was such a fun & short fall engagement session but we made the most of it despite the last minute change of plans. To this day, these shots are some of my favorites that I have ever taken despite this being such a short engagement session. I am so excited for round 2 of their engagement photos where we will be shooting at the Blue Line Lounge and Grill in Wicker Park and it’s going to be awesome!

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Grungy Chicago Streets Engagement Session

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