Beatnik West Town Engagement Session

Beatnik West Town Engagement Session in Chicago

Beatnik West Town Engagement Session – Lisa and Adam are one of the coolest couples I know. From their timeless and unique home decor to their shared love for cats, I seriously had such a blast!!! I am so happy that I got to do their engagement session and also shoot their elopement in 2021.

I met Lisa and Adam at their house on a fall day and to say that it was beautiful would be an understatement. Their home decor is absolutely phenomenal but I have to say that there floor to ceiling windows were my absolute favorite. It made their living room so bright and open. You could even see the stunning fall foliage as we were shooting. We also were able to take some AMAZING shots with their cats, which I am always down for! One in particular was a bit camera shy, but the orange tabby really made a star appearance!! Adorable, am I right???

Lisa and Adam had such an amazing vision for their engagement session. When they were trying to think of what they wanted to do, they really wanted to incorporate a bar. That’s when we made our way over to Beatnik West Town! This restaurant is the COOLEST!! It basically looks like a huge greenhouse where you can grab drinks and eat amazing food. The entire space is covered to the brim in plants and just screams boho vibes. Beatnik is filled with lights and colors throughout the entire space and makes such an awesome location for photos. We even got to go in prior to opening so that we could snag a few shots with just us there! Awesome right??? We walked all around the bar cheersing drinks and just having a blast.

One of my favorite shots is Lisa and Adam sitting on this bohemian style couch filled with embroidered colorful pillows. This space really makes for such unique photos that really stand out from the crowd. They were laughing the entire time we were shooting and you could tell that they were just having the best time enjoying each other’s company.

West Loop Murals

Next, right outside of Beatnik there is a beautiful sunflower mural that I had to snag a few shots. Then we hopped in the car and headed over to West Loop. West Loop is a well known area in Chicago where we went around and took a few snaps at different murals. One of my favorite shots we got was at this incredibly beautiful and colorful pixelated mural. It really stands out and I LOVE taking photos there!!

Lastly, we ended the shoot by heading over to the middle of the street in West Loop and popped some champagne!! CHEERS!!! I had such an amazing time working with Lisa and Adam and it was such a great way to end the day.

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Beatnik West Town Engagement Session

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