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Board of Trade Summer Engagement Photos

Board of Trade Summer Engagement Photos. I was super excited to meet Sean & Anne for their engagement session. They were one of the first couples that booked me in 2022, so I was super pumped! We finally got to do their engagement session this Summer and it was such a blast. While it looks super warm based on on Anne’s outfit, in Chicago it was pretty chilly! They were such troopers however dealing with the cooler temps and really made the best of it. Most of the time my Chicago couples do have to battle the weather, so really all of them are troopers. Despite having to deal with big weather changes, they all come through & end up having the most amazing photos ever!!

Board of Trade Summer Engagement

We started their engagement session at Board of Trade in Downtown Chicago. Board of Trade is such a cool location to shoot at especially when it’s late in the summer. During the late summer months, there is no traffic from people leaving work so it can be super nice. We walked around the building some more and then walked around the block to take some more photos near the trains with some direct light and have more of the Chicago buildings in the background.

We also can’t forget Mac, who is Anne & Sean’s pup! They really wanted to bring him to their summer engagement photos and of course I was SO down for that. They even got Mac an adorable bandana to tie around his neck that said “My hums are getting married”. Mac was such a star for the photos and I just love when my couples incorporate personal touches into their summer engagement photos. It just makes it all the more special! They even brought their friend Hannah as well! She took care of Mac while Sean, Anne & I were shooting at other locations. Pro tip #1: If you are going to bring an animal to your engagement session, make sure you have someone tag along! That way you are able to grab some shots with your favorite four-legged pal but also get some photos without them as well.

North Ave Beach

From there, we went over to North Ave Beach where Anne & Sean did a quick outfit change. We were able to play a lot of golden hour and have the skyline in the back and it was just beautiful. Pro tip #2: If you are looking to shoot at North Ave Beach, the best time to do it is in the Spring before volleyball season starts. As soon as volleyball starts on North Ave Beach, it can be a bit more complicated to take pictures. While it is still possible to shoot there, you don’t get to run the land as much as you do during the springtime & early summer. It still looks absolutely beautiful and isn’t TOO cold for you to get some stunning photos.

Anne & Sean were such a blast to hang out with and I was bursting with laughter the entire time! They were so funny and we just had an overall amazing time. At the end of their session, we popped open a bottle of champagne and I even threw the flash on my camera to get some more cool and interesting shots with the summer sunset.

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Board of Trade Summer Engagement Photos

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